How to Change the Email Signature on an iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the email signature on an iPad is a simple process. You’ll need to go into your device’s settings, navigate to the mail section, and then find the signature option. From there, you can edit, delete or create a new signature that will be attached to all your outgoing emails.

After you’ve updated your email signature, all new emails you compose will automatically include your new signature at the bottom. It’s a great way to provide your contact information, share a favorite quote, or offer a professional closing to your correspondence.


So, you’ve got an iPad and you’re ready to make your mark – quite literally – with a personalized email signature. But, why is this little piece of text at the end of your emails so important? Well, think about it: your email signature is like your digital business card. It’s often the last thing people see in your emails, so it can leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a professional looking to add a touch of class to your communications or simply want to add a bit of personality to your messages, changing your email signature to something that reflects you could be a game-changer.

This task is relevant to anyone who uses their iPad for sending emails, whether it’s for business or personal use. A well-crafted email signature can convey professionalism, showcase your personality, and even become a memorable branding tool. It’s a small detail that can make a big difference. So, let’s dive in and learn how you can change your email signature on an iPad, and why you might want to give it a little extra thought.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Change the Email Signature on an iPad

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what we are aiming to achieve here. By following these steps, you will be able to create a new email signature that reflects your personality or your professional brand, which will automatically be added to all of your outgoing emails from your iPad.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the “Settings” app on your iPad.

The Settings app is where the magic happens – it’s the control center for your device where you can customize it to suit your needs.

Step 2: Scroll to Mail

Scroll down and tap on “Mail.”

Mail is where all the settings related to your email accounts and preferences are housed.

Step 3: Tap on Signature

Under the “Mail” settings, scroll down to “Signature” and tap on it.

The Signature section is where you can see your current email signature and make changes to it.

Step 4: Edit Your Signature

In the Signature section, tap on the signature text box and make your desired changes.

You can delete the current signature and type in a new one, or simply edit what’s already there.


PersonalizationA custom signature allows you to add a personal touch to your emails, be it a quote, your job title, or your contact info.
ProfessionalismA well-crafted signature can convey a professional image and provide essential contact information.
BrandingFor businesses, a consistent email signature across all devices and platforms helps maintain brand identity.

Having a personalized email signature is like having your own letterhead. It sets you apart and makes your emails more memorable. A professional signature also suggests you mean business – it’s a mark of authenticity and seriousness. And don’t forget about branding; a customized signature keeps your brand’s look consistent, which is key in a world where branding is everything.


Limited Formatting OptionsThe iPad’s email signature settings might not offer as much formatting flexibility as a desktop email client.
Overlooked by RecipientsSome people may not pay much attention to email signatures, so the effort could go unnoticed.
Signature ClutterIf not designed well, a signature can be too cluttered or distracting, taking away from the message of the email.

While customizing your email signature on the iPad, you may find yourself wishing for more font styles or the ability to add images – something that’s easily done on a desktop email client. And let’s face it, not everyone scrutinizes an email signature, so your poetic quote or carefully chosen font may not get the appreciation it deserves. Plus, there’s a fine line between a signature that’s eye-catching and one that’s an eyesore, so tread carefully!

Additional Information

When changing your email signature on an iPad, keep in mind that simplicity often wins the day. A signature that’s too long or too complex can actually detract from your message. Think about what’s essential – your name, position, company, and contact details are a good starting point. And if you want to include a little extra, like a social media handle or a quote, make sure it aligns with the image you want to project.

Also, consider the mobile nature of your iPad. You’re likely to use it on the go, so your signature should be mobile-friendly. That means no large images or complex HTML that might not load properly on other devices. Remember, the key to a good email signature is that it complements your message, rather than overshadowing it. So, keep it relevant, keep it concise, and make sure it represents you or your brand effectively. After all, every email you send is an opportunity to make an impression – make it count!


  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPad.
  2. Tap on “Mail.”
  3. Scroll down to “Signature” and tap on it.
  4. Edit the signature text box as desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use different signatures for different email accounts on my iPad?

Yes, you can. When you’re in the Signature settings, just select “Per Account” and set a unique signature for each email account.

Is there a way to add an image to my email signature on an iPad?

Not directly through the Mail settings. For more advanced signatures with images, you may need to use a third-party email app that supports this feature.

Can I use HTML in my iPad email signature?

The default Mail app on the iPad does not support HTML signatures. You would need to use a third-party email app that allows HTML signatures.

How often should I update my email signature?

It’s good practice to update your email signature whenever your professional details change, such as a new job title or contact number. Otherwise, a refresh every few months keeps things current.

Will my new signature appear on emails I’ve already sent?

No, changing your signature will only affect emails you send after making the change. Previous emails will retain the signature they were sent with.


Changing the email signature on your iPad can add a touch of personality or professionalism to your emails. It’s an often-overlooked feature that has the potential to make a significant impact. Your email signature is more than just a sign-off; it’s a digital handshake, a personal brand statement, and a way for recipients to remember who you are.

Whether you opt for something simple and elegant or a signature that’s bold and creative, remember that it should always reflect you or your brand in the best light. Keep it updated, make it memorable, and most importantly, make it uniquely yours.