How to Add a Family Member on Spotify for iPhone/iPad Users

Adding a family member to Spotify on iPhone or iPad is a breeze. Simply go to your account settings, select ‘Premium Family’ and then ‘Add Family Member’. You’ll need to send them an invite through email or a Spotify link. Once they accept, they’ll be a part of your Spotify family plan!

After you complete the action, the invited family member will have access to Spotify Premium. They’ll be able to create their own playlists, listen to music without ads, and even download songs for offline listening. It’s a great way to share the joy of music with your loved ones.


Are you tired of endlessly swapping Spotify accounts with your family members just to play your favorite tunes? Well, fret no more! Spotify’s family plan is the ultimate solution. Not only does it allow for multiple users to enjoy the streaming service simultaneously, but it also offers a significant cost-saving compared to individual premium accounts.

This guide is perfect for anyone with an iPhone or iPad looking to add a family member to their Spotify plan. Whether you’re a parent wanting to provide your child with ad-free music or a friend looking to share your account, this article is relevant to you. A family that streams together stays together, so let’s get started on how to add a family member on Spotify.

Step by Step Tutorial: Adding a Family Member on Spotify

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to know that adding a family member to your Spotify account allows them to enjoy their own personalized music experience. They can listen to their own playlists, receive recommendations, and more, all under your family plan.

Step 1: Open Spotify and Go to Account Settings

Open the Spotify app on your iPhone or iPad and go to your account settings by tapping on the gear icon.

In the account settings, you will find various options to manage your Spotify account. Look for ‘Premium Family’ to proceed with adding a family member.

Step 2: Select ‘Premium Family’

Tap on ‘Premium Family’ in your account settings to access the family plan options.

Here you’ll find details about your current family plan, including who’s already a part of it and any available slots for additional members.

Step 3: Choose ‘Add Family Member’

Once in ‘Premium Family’, select the ‘Add Family Member’ option to start the invitation process.

This action prepares Spotify to send an invitation to the new member. Make sure you have their email address ready.

Step 4: Send the Invite

Send the invite to your family member via email or by sharing a direct Spotify link.

They’ll receive an invitation to join your family plan, which they must accept to gain access to Spotify Premium.


Shared CostAdding family members to your Spotify plan can reduce individual costs significantly.
Individual AccountsEach family member gets their own account, which means personalized playlists and recommendations.
Parental ControlIt’s easier to manage what your children listen to with a family plan.

Sharing a Spotify family plan is a great way to save money. Instead of each person paying for their own premium account, the cost is divided among the family members, making it much more economical.

With individual accounts, everyone gets to enjoy their own music without interfering with anyone else’s playlists or music recommendations. It’s like having multiple premium accounts for the price of one!

Parents can take advantage of the family plan to monitor and control the content their children are exposed to, ensuring a safe listening experience for the younger ones.


Limited SlotsSpotify’s family plan allows for only up to 6 members.
Same Address RequirementAll family members must confirm the same address to join the family plan.
Potential MisuseSharing the plan with friends instead of family can lead to account termination.

The family plan is limited to 6 members, which might not be suitable for larger families or groups wanting to share the cost.

Spotify requires all family members to confirm they live at the same address as the main account holder, which can be a hassle for some.

While it’s tempting to share your family plan with friends to save money, Spotify strictly prohibits this and may terminate your account if misuse is detected.

Additional Information

When it comes to adding a family member on Spotify, one vital piece of information to bear in mind is that the family member you’re inviting must not have had a Spotify Premium account in the past 12 months. If they have, they won’t be eligible for the family plan. Another tip is to ensure that your family member accepts the invitation within seven days, or it will expire, and you’ll have to send a new one.

Don’t forget to check that everyone’s devices are updated to the latest version of Spotify. This ensures that all members can enjoy the full spectrum of features without any hiccups. Lastly, if you’re a parent, make use of Spotify’s ‘Explicit Content Filter’ to protect your kids from inappropriate music.


  1. Open Spotify and go to account settings.
  2. Select ‘Premium Family’.
  3. Choose ‘Add Family Member’.
  4. Send the invite via email or Spotify link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a family member who doesn’t live with me?

No, Spotify requires all family members to confirm the same address as the main account holder.

How many family members can I add?

You can add up to 5 family members, making a total of 6 accounts including the main holder.

What if the family member didn’t receive the invite?

Make sure you have the correct email address and resend the invite, or use the direct Spotify link.

Can I control the playlists of added family members?

No, each member has their own account with individual control over their playlists and music.

Can I remove a family member from my Spotify plan?

Yes, you can manage your family plan in your account settings and remove members if necessary.


Adding a family member on Spotify using your iPhone or iPad is not only simple but offers a plethora of benefits for everyone involved. Whether it’s the cost-saving aspect or the personalized music experience, the Spotify family plan is a game-changer.

Keep in mind the eligibility requirements and the importance of all members living at the same address. Remember, music is meant to be shared, and with Spotify, sharing has never been easier. So grab your device, send out those invites, and get ready for a harmonious family streaming experience!