How to Manually and Automatically Update Apps on an iPad: A Guide

Updating apps on an iPad can be done manually or automatically. Manually, you can go to the App Store, click on the profile icon, and select the ‘Update All’ button or update individual apps. Automatically, you can go to the Settings, select ‘iTunes & App Store’, and toggle on ‘App Updates’. After updating, your apps … Read more

How to Open Mobi Files on iPhone or iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Opening MOBI files on an iPhone or iPad is straightforward. Essentially, you need to download a compatible app, like Kindle or iBooks, and then either transfer the file via email or through a file-sharing service. Once the file is on your device, simply open the app, locate the file, and start reading. After completing these … Read more

How to Permanently Disable Private Browsing on iPhone and iPad

To permanently disable private browsing on an iPhone or iPad, you need to go through the Screen Time feature in the Settings app. This will prevent anyone using the device from opening a private browsing session in Safari. After completing the action, private browsing mode will no longer be accessible in Safari. This means that … Read more