How to Measure an iPad for a Case: A Step-by-Step Guide

Measuring an iPad for a case is simple: find the model number, measure the screen diagonally, and consider the depth. With these three steps, you’ll be able to select the perfect fitting case for your device.

After measuring your iPad, you’ll have a clear idea of the size and specifications needed for a snug and secure case that will protect your device.


Have you ever bought a case for your iPad only to find out it doesn’t fit? It’s a common mistake but one that’s easily avoidable. Knowing how to measure your iPad for a case is essential for both protection and functionality. It’s relevant not only for new iPad owners but also for those looking to replace an old or worn-out case. After all, an iPad is an investment, and protecting it should be a priority.

A properly fitted case will not only safeguard your device from drops and scratches but also enhance your user experience by fitting comfortably in your hands and allowing easy access to all buttons and ports. This process might seem daunting, but fear not, as we’ll guide you through it step by step. Get ready to become an expert on how to measure an iPad for a case!

Step by Step Tutorial on Measuring an iPad for a Case

The steps below will guide you in measuring your iPad so that you can select a case that fits perfectly.

Step 1: Identify the Model Number

Locate the model number on the back of your iPad.

The model number is crucial as it corresponds to specific dimensions for each iPad version. This number is usually preceded by the letter ‘A’ and can be found at the bottom of the back of your iPad. For example, A2133 corresponds to the iPad mini (5th generation).

Step 2: Measure the Screen Diagonally

Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the screen from one corner to the opposite corner.

It’s important to measure only the screen, not including the bezels. Hold your measuring tool diagonally across the screen to get the size in inches. This measurement is what is often referred to when talking about screen size.

Step 3: Consider the Depth

Take note of your iPad’s depth by measuring the side of the device.

While this step is often overlooked, the depth is important, especially for thicker cases that might be padded for extra protection. A case that is too shallow may not close properly, and one that is too deep may allow the iPad to move around.


Accurate FitMeasuring your iPad ensures that the case you choose will fit the device perfectly, providing optimal protection.
Time and Money EfficientBy knowing your iPad’s measurements, you avoid the hassle and cost of purchasing and returning ill-fitting cases.
Enhanced ProtectionA well-fitted case is more effective at protecting your iPad from impacts, scratches, and other potential damages.


Time-consumingMeasuring your iPad takes time, which might deter some people from doing it.
Requires ToolsNot everyone has a measuring tape or ruler handy, which can be a barrier to measuring.
Model VariationsWith so many iPad models available, identifying the correct model number and its corresponding dimensions can be confusing.

Additional Information

When measuring your iPad for a case, it’s essential to be as precise as possible. Even a small discrepancy can result in a case that doesn’t fit correctly. Remember to lay your iPad flat on a surface to ensure an accurate measurement. Furthermore, take the time to consider additional features you might want in a case, such as a keyboard functionality or a stand for viewing.

These features might require more space, so keep that in mind when choosing the depth of the case. Lastly, always double-check your measurements and model number before making a purchase. It’s a simple step that can save you a lot of future frustration.


  1. Identify the model number on the back of your iPad.
  2. Measure the screen diagonally, taking care to measure just the screen area.
  3. Consider the depth of your iPad by measuring the side of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my iPad doesn’t have a model number on the back?

Some iPad cases may cover the model number. In this case, you can find the model number in the Settings app under General > About.

Can I measure my iPad with a regular ruler?

Yes, a standard ruler should work fine as long as the measurements are in inches for screen size.

What if I measure in centimeters?

Most case sizes are given in inches. If you measure in centimeters, you’ll need to convert the measurement to inches (1 inch = 2.54 centimeters).

Does the case need to be the exact same size as my iPad?

The case should be slightly larger than the iPad to ensure it fits comfortably but not too large that the device moves around inside.

Can I use these measurements for a screen protector as well?

While the diagonal screen size is the same, screen protectors often have different cutouts for buttons and sensors, so additional measurements might be necessary.


Measuring your iPad for a case is a straightforward process that can save you time, money, and ensure your device is well-protected. With the right tools and a bit of patience, you can easily find the perfect case to suit your needs.

Remember, a snug fit is key to maximum protection, so don’t skip the measuring tape. Go ahead, measure your iPad, and give it the armor it deserves!