How to Save Bookmarks in Chrome on iPhone or iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Saving bookmarks in Chrome on your iPhone or iPad is a breeze. All you need to do is open the Chrome app, navigate to the page you want to bookmark, tap the share icon, and select “Bookmark.” Voila! Your page is now bookmarked for easy access later.

After you complete the action of saving a bookmark, you can access your saved pages at any time by tapping the menu icon in the Chrome app and selecting “Bookmarks.”


Have you ever stumbled upon a website or article that you found incredibly useful or interesting, only to forget where you found it the next time you wanted to read it? It happens to the best of us. But there’s a solution: bookmarking! Saving bookmarks in Chrome on your iPhone or iPad is not only a game-changer, but it’s also incredibly easy.

Bookmarks are essentially digital sticky notes that you can use to mark your place on the web. Whether you’re conducting research, shopping, or simply browsing for fun, bookmarks can help you keep track of the content that matters most to you. This functionality becomes even more crucial as we increasingly rely on mobile devices for internet access. Being able to save and access bookmarks on-the-go allows for a seamless browsing experience, no matter where you are. So, whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who loves to surf the web, this article is for you.

Step by Step Tutorial to Save Bookmarks in Chrome

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what we’ll be accomplishing. By following these steps, you’ll be able to save any webpage as a bookmark in Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to easily return to it later.

Step 1: Open the Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad

Open the Chrome app on your device. Make sure you’re on the page you want to bookmark.

Step 2: Tap the Share icon

The Share icon is located at the bottom of the screen. It looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards. Tap it to open the share menu.

In the share menu, you’ll see a variety of options for sharing the webpage you’re on. However, for bookmarking purposes, we’ll focus on the “Bookmark” option.

Step 3: Select “Bookmark”

In the share menu, tap the option labeled “Bookmark.” This will add the current webpage to your bookmarks.

Once you tap “Bookmark,” a new window will pop up, allowing you to edit the bookmark’s name and choose the folder where you want it saved. You can organize your bookmarks into different folders to keep them tidy and easy to find.

Step 4: Edit the bookmark (optional)

If you want, you can change the bookmark’s name to something more descriptive or choose a different folder to save it in. This step is optional but can be helpful for organization.

Editing the bookmark is straightforward—you can tap the name field to enter a new name, or tap the folder field to select a different folder or create a new one.

Step 5: Tap “Save”

After you’ve made any desired changes to the bookmark, tap “Save” to finalize it.

Your bookmark is now saved! You can access it by tapping the menu icon (three dots) in Chrome and selecting “Bookmarks.” Your saved bookmarks will be there, ready for you when you need them.


Quick access to favorite pagesSaving bookmarks allows you to quickly access your favorite pages without having to remember the URL or search for it again.
Organized browsingBy organizing bookmarks into folders, you can keep your browsing experience neat and tidy.
Sync across devicesIf you’re signed into Chrome, your bookmarks will sync across all your devices, so you can access them anywhere.


Limited to ChromeThese bookmarks are only accessible within the Chrome app, so if you use multiple browsers, you’ll need to manage bookmarks separately.
Requires internet connectionTo access your bookmarks, you’ll need an internet connection, which might not always be available.
Potential for clutterWithout regular organization, your bookmarks can become cluttered and overwhelming.

Additional Information

When it comes to saving bookmarks in Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, there are a few additional tips and insights to keep in mind. First, if you’re someone who likes to keep things extra organized, you can create folders within your bookmarks to categorize your saved pages. For instance, you can have a folder for recipes, one for work-related content, and another for leisure reading.

Did you know that you can also save bookmarks in Chrome’s “Reading List” for offline access? This is especially useful if you know you’ll be somewhere without an internet connection and need certain information readily available.

One more thing—ensuring your Chrome app is always up to date is key. With every update, Google often introduces new features or improvements to the bookmarking functionality. So, make sure to keep your app updated to make the most of your bookmarking experience.

Finally, remember that saving bookmarks in Chrome can help you save time, stay organized, and enhance your overall web browsing experience. Give it a try, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!


  1. Open the Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select “Bookmark” from the share menu.
  4. Optionally, edit the bookmark’s name or folder.
  5. Tap “Save” to finalize the bookmark.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I organize my bookmarks into folders in Chrome on my iPhone or iPad?

After you tap “Bookmark,” select the folder field within the pop-up window. From there, you can choose an existing folder or create a new one.

Can I edit a bookmark after I’ve saved it in Chrome?

Yes, you can edit a bookmark at any time by finding it in your bookmarks list, tapping the three dots next to it, and selecting “Edit.”

Are my bookmarks in Chrome backed up?

If you’re signed into Chrome, your bookmarks are synced to your Google account, which means they’re backed up and accessible across all your devices.

Can I share a bookmark with someone else?

Absolutely! You can share a bookmark by finding it in your bookmarks list, tapping the share icon, and choosing how you’d like to share it.

How can I access my bookmarks if I’m offline?

For offline access, save pages to your Reading List by tapping the share icon and selecting “Read Later.”


In today’s fast-paced digital world, the ability to save bookmarks in Chrome on your iPhone or iPad is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity. Whether you’re researching, shopping, or just browsing for pleasure, bookmarks help you keep track of important pages and streamline your online experience. With the steps outlined in this article, you’re now equipped to save, organize, and access your bookmarks like a pro.

Remember, the key to a pleasant browsing experience is organization and familiarity with your tools. Chrome’s bookmarking feature is incredibly user-friendly, and once you start using it, you’ll find it indispensable. So go ahead, start bookmarking, and never lose track of your favorite web pages again!