How to Find Someone on WhatsApp: A Guide for Android & iPhone Users

Want to find a friend on WhatsApp but not sure how? No worries! Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, finding someone on the popular messaging app is pretty straightforward. All you need is the person’s phone number saved in your contacts, and voila – you can start chatting in no time. After adding them, your contact list on WhatsApp will automatically update, showing your new friend ready for a chat.

So, what happens after you’ve found and added someone on WhatsApp? Well, you can start sending messages, photos, videos, and even make voice or video calls. It’s a great way to stay connected with friends and family all around the world.


Hey there, friend! Are you trying to find someone on WhatsApp? Maybe a long-lost cousin or a new coworker? Well, you’ve come to the right place. WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, with over two billion users—that’s a lot of chatting!

But why is finding someone on WhatsApp important? For starters, it’s a free way to communicate. No more worrying about international texting fees. It also keeps all your chats in one place, making it super easy to stay in touch with everyone. Plus, it’s not just about text messages; you can make voice and video calls, share photos and documents, and even send voice messages.

Finding someone on WhatsApp is relevant to anyone who wants to expand their social circle or keep in touch with people. Whether you’re a business professional networking with colleagues, a student connecting with classmates, or just someone who likes to keep in touch with friends and family, knowing how to find someone on WhatsApp is a handy skill to have. So, let’s get started!

Step by Step Tutorial: Finding Someone on WhatsApp

Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s clarify what we’re about to do. Following these steps will help you find and add new contacts to your WhatsApp, allowing you to message or call them anytime.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

Open the WhatsApp app on your Android or iPhone device.

When you open WhatsApp, you’ll land on the “Chats” tab. This is where all your conversations are kept. If you’re new to the app, don’t worry—it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Chats’ tab

Tap on the “Chats” tab if you aren’t there already.

This tab is typically located at the bottom of the screen on iPhone or at the top on Android devices. It’s symbolized by a speech bubble icon.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘New chat’ icon

Look for the chat bubble with a pencil (Android) or the “+” sign (iPhone) and tap on it.

This icon is generally found in the bottom-right corner of the screen on Android or at the top-right on iPhone. Tapping on it will bring up your contact list.

Step 4: Select ‘New contact’

Tap on the option to add a new contact.

This option is usually at the top of your contacts list. Here, you’ll be able to enter the person’s details.

Step 5: Enter the person’s phone number

Fill in the contact’s name and phone number, then press “Save”.

Make sure you enter the correct country code before the phone number. This is how WhatsApp recognizes international contacts.

Step 6: Go back to WhatsApp

After saving the contact, return to WhatsApp, and your new contact should appear in your ‘Select contact’ list.

If you don’t see them immediately, try refreshing your contacts or restarting the app.


Free CommunicationOne of the biggest advantages of using WhatsApp is the cost. It uses your phone’s internet connection to send messages, so you don’t have to pay for each message as you would with traditional SMS.
Multimedia SharingWhatsApp is not just for text. You can send photos, videos, documents, and even make voice and video calls. It’s a versatile platform that caters to all your communication needs.
Group ChatsWant to plan a party or keep in touch with multiple friends at once? WhatsApp group chats are perfect. You can have up to 256 people in a group chat, making it great for both small gatherings and large events.


Privacy ConcernsSome users worry about their privacy on WhatsApp. While the app does have end-to-end encryption, it’s owned by Facebook, which has had its share of privacy issues.
Internet DependencyUnlike traditional SMS, WhatsApp requires an internet connection. If you’re in a place with spotty or no internet, you won’t be able to send or receive messages.
Contact LimitationsYou can only message people who have a WhatsApp account. If your friends or family aren’t on the platform, you’ll have to find another way to chat with them.

Additional Information

Now, finding someone on WhatsApp using Android or iPhone is pretty simple, right? But there are a few extra pointers worth mentioning. For instance, did you know that you can also find someone on WhatsApp using a QR code? That’s right! If you’re with the person and they have their QR code handy, just scan it with your phone, and you’ll instantly be connected on WhatsApp.

Another tip is to ensure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed. The app is updated regularly with new features and bug fixes, so having the most recent update can make finding and adding contacts even easier. And don’t forget about the search function! If you’re looking for someone specific and you’ve got a long list of contacts, just type their name into the search bar at the top of the “Select contact” list to find them quickly.

Remember, to find someone on WhatsApp, they need to have an active account. If you’ve saved a number but can’t find them on the app, it’s possible they don’t have WhatsApp or have recently changed their number.


  1. Open WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Tap the ‘Chats’ tab.
  3. Tap the ‘New chat’ icon.
  4. Select ‘New contact’.
  5. Enter the person’s name and phone number.
  6. Save and go back to WhatsApp to see your new contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need someone’s phone number to find them on WhatsApp?

Yes, you need to have the person’s phone number saved in your contacts to find and message them on WhatsApp.

Can I add someone on WhatsApp without them knowing?

No, when you add someone on WhatsApp, they will receive a notification if you message or call them.

What if I can’t find my friend on WhatsApp after saving their number?

Make sure you’ve entered the correct phone number with the country code. If it’s still not working, ask your friend to check if their WhatsApp account is active.

Can I find someone on WhatsApp by their name?

You can search for contacts by name within WhatsApp, but only if you’ve already saved their phone number in your contacts.

Is it possible to add someone on WhatsApp if they are in another country?

Yes, as long as you have their phone number with the correct country code, you can add and message them on WhatsApp no matter where they are in the world.


And there you have it, folks—a complete guide on how to find someone on WhatsApp, whether you’re team Android or iPhone. It’s a quick process that opens up a world of communication possibilities. Just remember to have the person’s phone number handy, add them to your contacts, and you’re good to go.

WhatsApp is a powerful tool for staying connected, and now that you know how to find people on the app, the world just got a little smaller. Happy chatting!