How to Print on an Envelope Using Microsoft Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Printing on an envelope using Microsoft Word is a simple task that can add a touch of professionalism to your mail. By following a few easy steps, you can customize envelopes with addresses, logos, and more. You’ll need a printer that can handle envelopes, and you’ll want to make sure you have the correct envelope size selected in Word.

After you complete the action, you will have a professionally printed envelope ready to be mailed. This can be especially useful for sending out invitations, business correspondence, or any other mail that requires a polished look.


Have you ever wanted to create a professional-looking envelope without the hassle of handwriting addresses or using labels? Printing on an envelope using Microsoft Word is a nifty trick that can save you time and make your correspondence look sharp. Whether you’re a small business owner sending out invoices, a bride-to-be mailing wedding invitations, or simply someone who appreciates the personal touch of a printed envelope, this skill is both practical and easy to acquire.

With the advancement of technology, printers have become more sophisticated, and most can handle printing on various sizes of envelopes. Microsoft Word, a widely used word processing software, offers a convenient feature for printing directly onto envelopes, making it a useful tool for both personal and professional use. Knowing how to print on an envelope using Microsoft Word can also come in handy for bulk mailings, as it eliminates the need for manual addressing or label printing.

Step by Step Tutorial: Printing on an Envelope Using Microsoft Word

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re aiming to achieve here. We’re going to format an envelope in Word, set up our printer, and then print. It’s a seamless process that will give your envelopes a custom, professional look.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word and select the Mailings tab

This step is where you begin the process by navigating to the Mailings tab in Word.

Once you’re in the Mailings tab, you’ll see a variety of options related to mailing and letters. The envelope feature is located here, and it’s your gateway to custom-printed envelopes.

Step 2: Click on Envelopes in the Create group

This step will open the Envelopes and Labels dialogue box.

In this dialogue box, you’ll find fields to fill out the delivery and return addresses. You can also add any additional customizations from here, such as font style and size.

Step 3: Enter the delivery and return addresses

Here, you input the addresses you want to appear on the envelope.

Make sure to double-check the addresses for any typos or errors. The last thing you want is for your mail to go astray because of a simple mistake.

Step 4: Adjust the font and positioning, if desired

This step allows you to personalize the envelope further.

You can change the font style, size, and color to match the tone of your correspondence. Just remember to keep it legible.

Step 5: Select the correct envelope size

This step is crucial to ensure your print aligns properly on the envelope.

Word offers a variety of preset envelope sizes, but you can also input custom dimensions if needed. Make sure the size in Word matches the actual size of your envelopes.

Step 6: Insert the envelope into the printer

In this step, you’ll need to prepare your printer.

Each printer has a specific method for loading envelopes, so refer to your printer’s manual for instructions. Generally, you’ll want to align the envelope properly to ensure the print lands in the right place.

Step 7: Click Print

The final step is to print your envelope.

Before you hit the print button, double-check all your settings and make sure everything looks good. Then go ahead and click Print. Voilà, you have a beautifully printed envelope!


Professional AppearanceA printed envelope presents a professional image, which can be important for businesses or formal events.
Time-SavingPrinting directly on an envelope is quicker than handwriting or printing and applying labels.
CustomizationYou have the ability to customize fonts, colors, and positions, giving your mail a personal touch.


Printer LimitationsNot all printers can handle envelope printing, so you need to make sure yours is compatible.
Technical IssuesSometimes printers can jam or print incorrectly, which can be frustrating and waste envelopes.
Learning CurveFor those who are not tech-savvy, setting up the print might take some time to learn.

Additional Information

Printing on an envelope using Microsoft Word can be a game-changer for both personal and business correspondence. It’s a straightforward process once you get the hang of it, but there are a few tips and tricks that might come in handy. For instance, did you know that you can save your envelope settings as a template? This can be a huge time-saver if you frequently send mail to the same address or if you have a return address that you always use.

Another tip is to always do a test print on a piece of paper before printing on your actual envelope. This way, you can ensure that everything is aligned correctly and looks exactly how you want it. It might seem like an extra step, but it can save you from wasting envelopes due to printing errors.

Lastly, if you’re printing a large batch of envelopes, consider setting up a mail merge. This advanced feature in Word allows you to import a list of addresses and print them all at once, which can be a massive time-saver for big mailings like wedding invitations or holiday cards.


  1. Open Microsoft Word and select the Mailings tab
  2. Click on Envelopes in the Create group
  3. Enter the delivery and return addresses
  4. Adjust the font and positioning, if desired
  5. Select the correct envelope size
  6. Insert the envelope into the printer
  7. Click Print

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print on any size envelope?

Yes, you can print on various envelope sizes by selecting the correct size in the Envelopes and Labels dialogue box or entering custom dimensions.

What if my printer doesn’t have an envelope setting?

Refer to your printer’s manual or online resources for instructions on how to manually set up envelope printing.

Can I save my envelope settings for future use?

Yes, you can save your settings as a template in Word for easy access in the future.

How do I ensure my envelope prints correctly?

Always do a test print on a piece of paper, and ensure your envelope is loaded correctly into the printer.

What do I do if my printer jams while printing envelopes?

Carefully remove any jammed envelopes, check for any obstructions, and try printing again. Refer to your printer’s manual for specific troubleshooting tips.


Printing on an envelope using Microsoft Word is a skill that can add efficiency and style to your mailing process. Whether you’re sending out a few special invitations or managing bulk business mailings, knowing how to navigate this feature in Word can make a significant difference.

Remember to check your printer’s compatibility, double-check your settings, and always do a test print. With a little practice, you’ll be printing envelopes like a pro in no time. So go ahead and give it a try—your mail recipients will surely notice the difference!