How to Create a List of Favorite Contacts on Your iPhone

Creating a list of favorite contacts on an iPhone is as simple as opening the Phone app, selecting the “Favorites” tab, tapping the “+” icon in the upper left corner, and choosing contacts to add to the list. This quick and easy process makes it convenient to access your most important contacts with just a few taps.

After you’ve created your list of favorite contacts, you’ll find it easy to quickly call, message, or FaceTime these individuals without scrolling through your entire contact list. It streamlines communication and saves you time.


In a world where our smartphones double as our lifelines to friends, family, and colleagues, managing our contacts efficiently is more important than ever. For iPhone users, one handy feature is the ability to create a list of favorite contacts. This list, easily accessible from the Phone app, provides a shortcut to the people you contact most frequently.

The importance of this feature can’t be overstated. Imagine you’re in a rush and need to make a quick call to your best friend, spouse, or boss. Scrolling through hundreds of contacts is impractical. By having a list of favorites, you can save precious seconds and avoid unnecessary stress. Plus, in emergency situations, this list can be a lifesaver, giving you swift access to those you may need to reach urgently. This article is tailored for anyone who relies heavily on their iPhone for communication, whether you’re a busy professional, a social butterfly, or someone who simply appreciates efficiency. So, let’s dive in and streamline your communication process!

Step by Step Tutorial to Creating a List of Favorite Contacts on an iPhone

The following steps will guide you through the process of creating a list of favorite contacts on an iPhone, making your most frequently dialed numbers readily available at a moment’s notice.

Step 1: Open the Phone App

Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
This is the app you use to make calls and it’s usually located on the bottom dock of your home screen, represented by a green icon with a phone symbol.

Step 2: Select the “Favorites” tab

Tap on the “Favorites” tab located at the bottom of the screen.
This tab will take you to a page where you can view and manage your current list of favorite contacts.

Step 3: Add Contacts

Tap the “+” icon in the upper left corner to add new contacts to your favorites.
After tapping, you’ll be taken to your contacts list where you can select the individuals you want to include in your favorites.

Step 4: Choose Contacts

Select the contacts you wish to add to your favorites list.
You can add as many contacts as you want, and they will be listed in the order that you add them.

Step 5: Organize Favorites

Organize your favorites list by tapping “Edit” in the upper right corner if necessary.
You can rearrange the order of your contacts or remove them from the list as needed.


Quick AccessHaving a list of favorite contacts allows for rapid access to the people you reach out to most often, saving you time and hassle.
Emergency SituationsIn emergencies, quick communication is critical. A favorites list helps you contact key people immediately.
Streamlined CommunicationWith favorites, you bypass the need to search your extensive contact list, making your interactions more efficient.


Limited SlotsThere’s a finite number of contacts you can designate as favorites, which may not be sufficient for some users.
Overlooked ContactsBy relying on a favorites list, you might forget to stay in touch with other contacts not on the list.
Accidental CallsIt’s easier to make accidental calls when your favorites list is readily accessible and possibly cause inconveniences.

Additional Information

When crafting your list of favorite contacts on an iPhone, it’s important to consider who you’re adding and why. Think about the people you communicate with on a daily basis, or those you might need to reach out to instantly in an emergency. It’s also worth noting that you can add the same contact multiple times if you need quick access to different modes of communication, such as call, text, or FaceTime.

Another tip is to periodically review and update your favorites list. As our relationships and priorities change, so too should our list of go-to contacts. This ensures that the feature remains useful and reflective of your current communication needs.

Remember that creating a favorites list on your iPhone is about making your life easier. It’s a simple but powerful tool in your technology arsenal that, when used effectively, can save you time and keep you connected to the people who matter most.


  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap on the “Favorites” tab.
  3. Tap the “+” icon to add new contacts.
  4. Select contacts to add to your favorites.
  5. Organize your favorites as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many contacts can I add to my favorites list?

The number of contacts you can add to your favorites list is not explicitly limited, but it’s designed for quick access, so try to keep it manageable.

Can I add a contact to favorites more than once?

Yes, you can add a contact multiple times if you want separate entries for different communication methods like calling or texting.

How do I remove a contact from my favorites list?

To remove a contact, go to the “Favorites” tab, tap “Edit,” then tap the red minus sign next to the contact you want to remove.

Can I rearrange the order of my favorite contacts?

Absolutely! Just tap “Edit” in the “Favorites” tab, then drag and drop your contacts into the desired order.

Will my favorites sync across my Apple devices?

Yes, if you have iCloud enabled, your favorites list will sync across all devices signed in with the same Apple ID.


Creating a list of favorite contacts on your iPhone is a nifty trick that goes a long way in making your digital life a tad bit more organized and much more accessible. It’s a feature that embodies the essence of what modern smartphones are designed to do – make communication seamless and efficient.

As someone who’s likely juggling countless tasks and relationships, taking a few moments to set up this simple system can save you precious time and give you peace of mind. Whether you’re in an emergency, running late, or just want to hear a familiar voice, your favorites list is like a speed dial to your personal community. So, make the most of your iPhone and keep those you treasure most just a tap away.