How to Change the Route on Google Maps for iPhone/iPad Users

Changing the route on Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad is a breeze. Simply open the app, input your destination, and tap ‘Directions.’ Next, select your preferred mode of transportation. Once your route is displayed, swipe up on the white bar at the bottom and tap ‘Route options.’ Here, you can avoid tolls, highways, or ferries. If you’ve already started navigation, tap the three dots in the bottom right corner, select ‘Route options,’ and make your changes. It’s that easy!

After you’ve changed your route, Google Maps will update the directions and estimated arrival time. You’ll be guided along the new route, avoiding any selected obstructions like tolls or highways.


Have you ever been en route to a destination using Google Maps and suddenly realized you need to avoid tolls, or perhaps, you’ve just decided to take the scenic route? You’re not alone. Millions of iPhone and iPad users rely on Google Maps for navigation, and the flexibility to change your route on the fly is a must-have feature. Whether you’re a daily commuter looking to avoid traffic snarls, a road tripper seeking the road less traveled, or simply someone who changed their mind about stopping for coffee, knowing how to tweak your route in Google Maps is a valuable skill.

This topic is crucial as it can save time, money, and frustration. It’s particularly relevant for those who travel frequently, whether for work or pleasure, and need to adjust their plans quickly. The ability to customize your route based on your preferences or sudden changes in plans can transform a stressful journey into a more relaxed and controlled one. So, let’s dive in and master the art of rerouting with Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad.

Step by Step Tutorial: Changing the Route on Google Maps

Before we start manipulating routes, let’s understand what we’re aiming for. The following steps will guide you through the process of changing your route in Google Maps to avoid anything from tolls to ferries, ensuring a personalized navigation experience.

Step 1: Open Google Maps and input your destination

Begin by opening the Google Maps app on your iPhone or iPad, then enter your destination in the search bar.

Once you’ve input your destination, Google Maps will show you the best route. However, if you have specific preferences or need to make changes, you’re not stuck with this option.

Step 2: Begin the navigation

Tap ‘Directions’ and then choose your preferred mode of transportation (driving, walking, etc.).

Starting the navigation is straightforward, and once you’ve set it up, you’re ready to personalize your journey.

Step 3: Access route options

Swipe up on the white bar at the bottom of the screen and tap ‘Route options’ to reveal customization options.

In ‘Route options,’ you can choose to avoid tolls, highways, or ferries. This feature is particularly handy if you’re trying to save money or simply prefer a more scenic route.

Step 4: Adjust your route preferences

Select your preferences by toggling on the options to avoid tolls, highways, or ferries, and then watch Google Maps update your route.

By adjusting these settings, you can avoid certain types of roads or routes that may be less desirable for your trip.

Step 5: Confirm the updated route

Once you’ve selected your preferences, Google Maps will automatically update the directions and provide you with a new route that adheres to your requirements.

With the new route confirmed, you can confidently proceed, knowing that Google Maps will guide you according to your customized settings.


Personalized NavigationChanging your route allows for a more personalized navigation experience, as you can tailor your journey based on preferences or unexpected changes.
Cost-EffectiveAvoiding tolls can save you money, especially if you’re on a long trip or commute frequently.
Time-SavingBy avoiding heavy traffic or highways during rush hours, you can save time and reach your destination faster.


Potential for Longer RoutesWhile avoiding tolls and highways can save money, it may result in a longer journey.
Limited Avoidance OptionsGoogle Maps offers limited avoidance options, which may not cover all preferences or needs.
Connectivity DependencyChanging routes on the go requires a stable internet connection, which can be a limitation in remote areas.

Additional Information

When using Google Maps to change your route on an iPhone or iPad, there are a few supplementary tips to keep in mind. For instance, if you’ve started your journey and need to adjust your route midway, you can still access the ‘Route options’ by tapping on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the screen during navigation. Additionally, if you’re planning a multi-stop trip, you can add additional stops by tapping ‘Add stop’ in the route overview screen.

Remember that while Google Maps is a robust navigation tool, it may not always reflect real-time road closures or traffic conditions. Therefore, it’s always wise to keep an eye on the road and use your best judgment, even when following directions. Another useful feature is the ‘Offline Maps’ option, which allows you to download certain areas for navigation without an internet connection—ideal for those trips to off-the-grid locations.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep your app updated. Google Maps frequently releases new features and improvements, ensuring you have access to the latest navigation technology.


  1. Open Google Maps and input your destination.
  2. Begin the navigation by selecting your mode of transportation.
  3. Access route options by swiping up on the white bar.
  4. Adjust your route preferences to avoid tolls, highways, or ferries.
  5. Confirm the updated route and proceed with your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the route after I’ve started navigation?

Yes, you can change the route even after you’ve begun your journey. Tap the three dots in the bottom right corner and select ‘Route options’ to make adjustments.

What if I need to add a stop to my route?

You can add a stop by tapping ‘Add stop’ in the route overview screen before or during your navigation.

Can I use Google Maps offline to change routes?

Yes, by downloading ‘Offline Maps’ of the area you’re navigating, you can change routes without an internet connection.

Are the route options available for all modes of transportation?

Route options like avoiding tolls and highways are primarily available for driving mode. Walking and public transit modes may have limited customization.

Does Google Maps take traffic conditions into account when rerouting?

Google Maps does consider traffic conditions when providing routes, but real-time changes may not always be reflected immediately.


Mastering the art of changing your route on Google Maps on an iPhone or iPad is a valuable skill that can enhance your navigation experience. Whether you’re trying to avoid additional costs on tolls, seeking a less congested path, or simply in the mood for a change of scenery, Google Maps has got you covered. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to confidently adjust your route to fit your needs, ensuring a smoother journey.

Remember that while technology is a fantastic aid, it’s always good to stay alert and use your judgment when on the road. With the ability to change the route on Google Maps, you’re in control of your travel, making each trip an adventure tailored just for you. Happy navigating!