How to Use Facebook Marketplace on iPhone or iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

To use Facebook Marketplace on your iPhone or iPad, simply tap the Facebook app to open it, then tap the storefront icon at the bottom of the screen to access Marketplace. From there, you can browse, sell, and buy items from people in your local area or across the country.

After completing this action, you will be able to engage in transactions, communicate with sellers or buyers, and take advantage of a platform that connects millions of people for the purpose of buying and selling items.


Are you looking to declutter your home, find a bargain, or shop for unique items from the comfort of your couch? Facebook Marketplace is the go-to option for millions of users who want to buy and sell items locally or nationally—right from their iPhone or iPad. With just a few taps, you can access a vast selection of products, from vintage clothing and furniture to electronics and cars.

This feature is not only convenient but also user-friendly, making it a popular choice for individuals who prefer digital marketplaces over traditional shopping methods. Facebook Marketplace is especially important for small businesses or individuals looking to reach a wider audience without the overhead costs of a physical store or website. It’s relevant to anyone with a Facebook account who is interested in participating in the modern economy of peer-to-peer transactions. Let’s delve into how to utilize this nifty feature on your Apple devices.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Use Facebook Marketplace on iPhone or iPad

The following steps will guide you through the process of accessing and using Facebook Marketplace on your device.

Step 1: Open the Facebook App

Tap the Facebook icon on your iPhone or iPad to open the app.

Opening the Facebook app will take you to your news feed, where you can catch up on friends’ posts. Look for the Marketplace icon, which resembles a little storefront, typically located at the bottom of the screen in the center.

Step 2: Tap on the Marketplace Icon

Tap on the storefront icon to open Facebook Marketplace.

Once you tap on the icon, you will be directed to the Marketplace home page where you can browse items, search for specific things, or list an item for sale.

Step 3: Browse or Search for Items

Scroll through the listings or use the search bar to find specific items.

You can filter your search by location, category, or price to narrow down your options. If something catches your eye, tap on the item to view more details.

Step 4: Sell an Item

Tap on the ‘Sell’ button at the top of the Marketplace page to list an item for sale.

You’ll be prompted to add photos, a description, a price, and a location for your item. Be as detailed as possible to attract potential buyers.

Step 5: Communicate with Buyers or Sellers

Use Facebook Messenger to communicate with buyers or sellers about an item.

It’s important to ask or answer any questions about the item and arrange for pickup or delivery. Remember to stay safe and meet in public places when possible.


ConvenienceFacebook Marketplace offers the convenience of shopping or selling from anywhere at any time.
Wide AudienceWith millions of daily users, your items have the potential to be seen by a large audience, increasing the likelihood of a sale.
Free to UseUnlike other online marketplaces, Facebook Marketplace is free to list items, making it accessible to everyone with a Facebook account.


Limited SecurityTransactions are between users, and Facebook does not offer a payment system, which may lead to potential scams or unsafe transactions.
No Seller ProtectionUnlike other platforms, Facebook Marketplace does not provide seller protection, which can be risky for sellers.
Dependent on FacebookTo use Marketplace, you have to have a Facebook account, which may not be ideal for those who do not want to be on social media.

Additional Information

While using Facebook Marketplace on your iPhone or iPad is straightforward, there are a few tips and insights that could enhance your experience. First off, always make sure that your Facebook app is up-to-date to have access to the latest features and security measures. Also, take good quality photos of your items—clear, well-lit images can significantly increase interest.

When it comes to pricing, do a quick search for similar items to ensure your price is competitive. Be open to negotiations but set clear boundaries to avoid lowball offers. Another key point is to be prompt and courteous in your communications; this builds trust and could lead to repeat transactions.

Remember, while Facebook Marketplace is a great tool, it’s always important to be cautious. Never share personal information like your home address or financial details until you’re sure of the buyer’s or seller’s credibility. If possible, use a secure payment method like PayPal for transactions that require shipping.


  1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the Marketplace icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Browse or search for items using the search bar and filters.
  4. List an item for sale by tapping on the ‘Sell’ button and entering the item details.
  5. Communicate with buyers or sellers using Facebook Messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Facebook Marketplace safe to use?

While Facebook Marketplace is a legitimate platform, it’s always important to exercise caution and common sense, especially when it comes to meeting up with strangers or sharing personal information.

Can I use Facebook Marketplace without a Facebook account?

No, you need to have a Facebook account to access and use Marketplace.

How does Facebook Marketplace handle shipping?

Facebook Marketplace does not handle shipping directly. It’s up to the buyer and seller to arrange shipping and payment for items that are not local.

Are there any fees associated with selling on Facebook Marketplace?

No, Facebook Marketplace is free to use for both buyers and sellers.

Can I return an item I bought on Facebook Marketplace?

Returns are dependent on the seller’s policy. Facebook Marketplace itself does not have a return policy.


Facebook Marketplace is an excellent tool for anyone looking to buy and sell items conveniently from their iPhone or iPad. Its ease of use, broad audience reach, and cost-free platform make it an attractive option for many.

However, always prioritize safety and smart practices when engaging in transactions. With these tips and insights, you can confidently navigate Facebook Marketplace and make the most of what it has to offer. Happy shopping and selling!