How to Attach Photos and Videos to Emails on an iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Attaching photos and videos to emails on an iPhone is a straightforward process. Simply open the Photos app, select the media you want to attach, and use the share button to add it to an email. Once you’ve done this, the photo or video will be embedded in the email, ready to be sent to your recipient.

After attaching the media to your email, you can add a message, adjust the size of the attachment if necessary, and hit send. Your recipient will then receive the email with the photo or video included, which they can view directly within the email or download to their device.


In today’s digital age, sharing moments with friends and family has become an integral part of our daily communication. Whether it’s a video of a toddler’s first steps or a photo of a stunning sunset, attaching and sending these visuals via email is a common practice. For iPhone users, this process is not only common but also incredibly simple, thanks to the intuitive design of iOS.

Whether you’re a seasoned iPhone user or someone who has just started navigating the world of Apple, knowing how to attach photos and videos to emails is a handy skill. It’s relevant for personal use, such as sharing memories with loved ones, or for professional situations, like sending a photo to a client. In a world where visual content reigns supreme, mastering this simple task can enhance your communication and ensure you’re getting your message across effectively.

Step by Step Tutorial: Attaching Photos and Videos to Emails on an iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to know that attaching media to an email will allow you to share your photos and videos directly within the body of the email. This means the recipient can view the media without leaving their email app.

Step 1: Open the Photos app

Launch the Photos app on your iPhone to find the photo or video you want to attach to your email.

In the Photos app, you can browse your media by albums, moments, or years. Once you’ve found the photo or video you want to send, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Select the media

Tap on the photo or video you want to email to select it.

After selecting the media, a blue checkmark will appear, indicating it’s ready to be shared. You can select multiple items if you want to send more than one.

Step 3: Tap the share button

Look for the square with an upward arrow icon at the bottom left of the screen and tap it to open the share menu.

The share button is your gateway to various sharing options, including messaging apps, social media, and, of course, email.

Step 4: Choose the Mail app

From the share menu, scroll to find the Mail app icon and tap it to create a new email with your selected media attached.

Choosing the Mail app will automatically open a new email draft with your photo or video already attached at the bottom.

Step 5: Enter recipient and message

Fill in the recipient’s email address, add a subject, and write your message.

You can also format your email by adding bold, italic, or underlined text to emphasize certain parts of your message.

Step 6: Send the email

Tap the send button, usually located at the top right of the screen, to send your email with the attached photo or video.

Before sending the email, you might be asked to choose the size of the attachment, which can help if the recipient has a limit on the size of emails they can receive.


ConvenienceAttaching photos and videos directly from your iPhone is incredibly convenient. With just a few taps, you can share memories and important visuals without the need for transferring files to a computer or using third-party services.
SpeedThe process is quick and efficient, saving you time. Instead of going through multiple steps or apps, you can attach your media and send it off in a matter of seconds.
Integration with PhotosThe seamless integration between the Photos app and the Mail app ensures a smooth experience. This integration means you can easily navigate your albums and moments to find the exact media you want to share.


File Size LimitationsEmails have size limitations for attachments, which can be an issue when sending high-resolution photos or long videos. You may need to resize or compress your media before sending.
Internet ConnectivityYou need a stable internet connection to send emails with attachments. If you’re in an area with poor connectivity, you might experience delays or failures in sending your email.
Dependency on Mail AppThe process relies on using the Mail app, which means if you use a different email client on your iPhone, the steps might differ.

Additional Information

When attaching photos and videos to emails on your iPhone, there are a few additional tips to keep in mind. For instance, consider organizing your photos into albums for easier access when you need to attach them to an email. This can save you time scrolling through all your media to find the right one.

Another useful tip is to make use of the editing tools available in the Photos app before attaching media to your email. You can crop, adjust lighting, add filters, or even make minor video edits directly on your iPhone. This ensures that the photo or video you send is exactly how you want it to be seen.

Remember that the recipient of your email will need the appropriate software or app to view the photos and videos you send. While most modern email clients support media viewing, it’s always good to confirm with your recipient if they can view the attachments.


  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Select the photo or video.
  3. Tap the share button.
  4. Choose the Mail app.
  5. Enter recipient and message.
  6. Send the email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attach multiple photos and videos to one email?

Yes, you can select and attach multiple photos and videos to a single email. Just keep the size limit in mind.

What if I want to attach a photo that’s not in my Photos app?

If the photo is stored in a different app or location, you’ll need to save it to your Photos app first before attaching it to an email.

How do I know if my email with the attachment was sent successfully?

You should see a confirmation that the email was sent. If there’s an issue, you’ll get a notification from the Mail app.

Can I attach photos and videos to emails when using cellular data?

Yes, as long as you have a data plan that supports it. Be aware of data usage when sending large files.

What happens if the photo or video is too large to send via email?

You may need to resize or compress the media, or consider using a cloud service to share a link to the file instead.


Mastering the ability to attach photos and videos to emails on your iPhone can greatly enhance your communication, whether for personal or professional purposes. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that utilizes the seamless integration of iOS’ Photos and Mail apps.

This capability ensures that you can share moments and memories with ease, maintaining connections with friends, family, or colleagues. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with each use, the process will become second nature. Happy emailing!