How to Use Strikethrough in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using strikethrough in Google Docs is as easy as selecting the text you want to strike through, clicking on the “Format” tab, choosing “Text,” and then clicking on “Strikethrough.” Once you do this, the selected text will have a line through it, indicating it’s been struck through.

After completing this action, the selected text in your Google Docs will display a horizontal line through the middle of the text, making it clear that it is no longer relevant or has been completed.


The strikethrough feature in Google Docs is a nifty little tool that can come in handy more often than you’d think. Whether you’re a student editing an essay, a professional compiling a report, or just someone who loves to keep their to-do lists organized, knowing how to use strikethrough can make your documents look cleaner and more professional. It’s a simple way to show which parts of the text have been removed without actually deleting them, providing clarity to the reader about what’s been changed or accomplished.

And since Google Docs is a widely used platform for collaboration, mastering this feature can also facilitate more effective communication with your peers. So whether you’re collaborating on a project, proofreading a document, or just organizing your thoughts, understanding how to use strikethrough is relevant to pretty much anyone using Google Docs.

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Step by Step Tutorial: Using Strikethrough in Google Docs

Before we dive into the steps, it’s worth mentioning that following these instructions will help you visually indicate items that are no longer applicable or tasks that have been completed in your document.

Step 1: Select the text

Highlight the portion of text you want to strike through by clicking and dragging your cursor over it.

Selecting the text is the first and most crucial step. Make sure you only highlight the text you need to strike through to avoid any unnecessary formatting.

Step 2: Open the ‘Format’ menu

Click on the ‘Format’ tab located in the top menu bar.

This will open a dropdown menu with various formatting options. It’s where most of the magic happens when it comes to customizing your document.

Step 3: Choose ‘Text’ and then ‘Strikethrough’

Within the ‘Format’ menu, hover over ‘Text’ to open another side menu, and click on ‘Strikethrough’.

Once you click ‘Strikethrough’, the selected text will instantly have a line running through it, signifying that it’s been marked as irrelevant or completed.


Enhances Document ClarityStrikethrough helps keep the original text visible while clearly showing that it’s been marked off, enhancing the overall clarity of the document.
Non-destructive EditingUsing strikethrough allows you to show edits without permanently deleting text, which is useful for tracking changes or showing progress.
Easy to UseThe strikethrough feature is simple to apply and requires no complex steps, making it accessible for all users.


Can Clutter the DocumentOverusing strikethrough can make a document look cluttered and difficult to read, especially if not used sparingly.
May Not Be Suitable for Formal DocumentsIn formal writing, strikethrough is often considered inappropriate as it can come across as unprofessional or casual.
Can Cause ConfusionIf not used correctly, strikethrough can lead to confusion about whether text is meant to be read or ignored.

Additional Information

While the steps to use strikethrough in Google Docs are straightforward, there are some additional tips you might find helpful. For instance, if you’re a frequent user of this feature, memorizing the keyboard shortcut (Alt + Shift + 5) can save you time. Also, remember that striking through text doesn’t remove it from the word count, which could be particularly important in academic or professional settings where word count matters.

Another interesting use of strikethrough is in brainstorming sessions; it allows you to visibly keep track of discarded ideas without losing the flow of the discussion. Lastly, when collaborating on a document, strikethrough can serve as a visual cue for suggestions or edits, making it a useful feature for teamwork and collaborative writing.


  1. Select the text you want to strike through.
  2. Click on the ‘Format’ tab.
  3. Choose ‘Text’ and then ‘Strikethrough’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a keyboard shortcut for strikethrough in Google Docs?

Yes, you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + 5 to quickly apply strikethrough to selected text.

Will strikethrough text affect the word count in Google Docs?

No, strikethrough text is still counted in the document’s word count.

Is strikethrough appropriate for professional documents?

Generally, strikethrough is not used in formal or professional documents, as it can appear unprofessional.

Can I remove strikethrough from text in Google Docs?

Yes, you can remove strikethrough by selecting the text and following the same steps to uncheck the strikethrough option.

How do I apply strikethrough to multiple sections of text?

You can apply strikethrough to multiple sections by holding the ‘Ctrl’ key (Cmd on Mac) while selecting different portions of text and then applying the strikethrough format.


Mastering the strikethrough feature in Google Docs can significantly elevate the quality of your document, making it clear and concise. It’s a versatile tool that, when used appropriately, can enhance both individual and collaborative writing. Strikethrough provides a visual cue that is subtle yet effective, allowing readers to quickly grasp the status of tasks or the evolution of thoughts within the text.

As with many features in Google Docs, it’s all about how and when you use it—striking the perfect balance between clarity and cleanliness will make your documents stand out. So the next time you’re working on a Google Doc, remember this handy feature and use it to your advantage.