How to Send Email Attachments on iPhone or iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sending email attachments on your iPhone or iPad is a straightforward process. Simply create a new email, tap the body of the email to bring up the menu, select “Add Attachment,” choose the file you want to attach, and send your email. And voila! Your recipient will get your email along with the attached document or image.

After you complete this action, the recipient of your email will receive the attached file, which they can then download, view, or save to their device.


In an ever-connected world, the ability to send and receive information quickly and efficiently is more important than ever. Email has long been a staple in both our personal and professional lives, and the ability to attach and send files through email has become an essential skill. For iPhone and iPad users, sending email attachments is made simple through the built-in Mail app, or through various third-party apps available on the App Store.

Whether you’re a professional sending an important document to a colleague, a student submitting an assignment, or just sharing photos with friends and family, knowing how to send email attachments on your iPhone or iPad is a useful skill. With the prevalence of mobile devices, it’s common to find yourself needing to send an attachment while away from your computer. Thankfully, Apple’s user-friendly interface makes this process a breeze, even for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Send Email Attachments on iPhone or iPad

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what we’ll achieve by the end of this tutorial. Simply put, you’ll learn how to attach files such as documents, photos, or videos to an email using your iPhone or iPad, ready to be sent to your chosen recipient.

Step 1: Open your Mail app

Initiate the process by opening the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad.

The Mail app comes pre-installed on all Apple devices, and it’s usually found on the home screen. If you’ve removed it, you can always download it again from the App Store.

Step 2: Compose a new email

Tap the compose button, typically found at the bottom right of the screen, to start a new email.

This will open a new blank email. You’ll need to fill in the recipient’s email address, the subject of the email, and any text you want to include in the body of the email.

Step 3: Tap the body of the email

Once you’ve tapped into the body, a menu will appear with various options.

This menu is where you can format your text, but for our purposes, you’ll find the option to attach files here.

Step 4: Select “Add Attachment”

Choose “Add Attachment” to bring up your device’s file system.

You’ll be able to navigate through your folders to find the file you want to attach. This could be in your iCloud Drive, on your device, or within third-party apps like Google Drive or Dropbox if you have them installed.

Step 5: Choose the file to attach

Once you find the file you want to attach, tap on it to add it to your email.

The file will then appear as an icon or a preview in the body of the email. You can tap on it to rename it or view it before sending.

Step 6: Send your email

After attaching the file, tap the send button, and off it goes!

Make sure your internet connection is stable to ensure the email sends without any issues. If the file is large, it might take a little time to upload before the email sends.


ConvenienceAttaching files to emails on your iPhone or iPad is incredibly convenient. It allows you to send important files while on the go, without the need for a computer.
SpeedThe process is quick and easy, saving you time and hassle when you need to send something urgently.
Integration with other appsThe ability to attach files from various cloud services and third-party apps makes it a versatile tool for many users.


File size limitsEmails have a size limit for attachments, which can be a hindrance when trying to send large files.
Internet dependencyYou need a stable internet connection to send attachments, which isn’t always available when you’re mobile.
Potential for clutterYour email can quickly become cluttered with files, making it important to manage and organize your attachments effectively.

Additional Information

When sending email attachments on your iPhone or iPad, there are a few additional things to consider. First, be aware of the file size. Most email providers have a limit on the size of attachments you can send. If your file is too large, you may need to use a file compression app or a cloud service link instead.

It’s also worth noting that different file types may behave differently when attached to an email. For instance, images may automatically display in the body of the email, while documents will appear as icons. If privacy is a concern, ensure you’re sending to the correct recipient and consider password-protecting sensitive documents.

Lastly, always make sure your software is up to date to enjoy the latest features and security updates. Apple regularly updates iOS to enhance the Mail app and other functionalities.


  1. Open the Mail app.
  2. Compose a new email.
  3. Tap the body of the email.
  4. Select “Add Attachment.”
  5. Choose the file to attach.
  6. Send your email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attach multiple files to one email?

Yes, you can attach multiple files to one email by repeating the attachment process for each file you wish to include.

What if the file I want to attach isn’t on my device?

If the file is stored in a cloud service like iCloud Drive or Dropbox, you can still attach it by selecting that service from the “Add Attachment” menu.

How can I tell if my attachment has been sent successfully?

Once the email has been sent, you’ll see it in your “Sent” folder. If there was an issue sending the email, it would appear in your “Outbox” instead.

Is there a way to reduce the size of my attachments?

Yes, you can use file compression apps to reduce the size or use cloud service links to share larger files without attaching them directly.

Can I attach a file from a third-party app?

Absolutely, as long as the third-party app supports sharing with the Mail app, you can attach files directly from it.


Sending email attachments on your iPhone or iPad is a handy skill that can make your life a lot easier. Whether for work or personal reasons, knowing how to quickly attach and send files can save you time and keep you connected.

Just remember to be mindful of file sizes and to manage your attachments to avoid clutter. With this knowledge, you’re now equipped to handle any situation that requires you to send an attachment from your Apple device.