How to Remove Someone from a Group Text on iPhone & iPad

Removing someone from a group text on your iPhone or iPad is quite simple. Just go into the group text, tap on the group icons at the top of the screen, hit the “info” button, swipe left on the name of the person you want to remove and tap “remove”. Voila! You have successfully removed the unwanted person from your group conversation.

After you complete the action of removing someone from a group text, that person will no longer be able to see or participate in the group conversation. They will not be notified directly by the system that they have been removed, but they will stop receiving messages from the group.


Have you ever found yourself in a group text that keeps buzzing with messages, and you realize there’s someone in the group who really shouldn’t be there? Maybe they were added by mistake, or their input is no longer needed. Whatever the reason, you now need to remove them from the group text, but you’re not sure how to do it. The good news is that if you’re using an iPhone or iPad, the process is pretty straightforward.

Group texts are a convenient way to communicate with multiple people at once, whether it’s for work, planning an event, or just keeping in touch with friends and family. However, sometimes the situation changes and it becomes necessary to remove someone from the conversation. It’s important to know how to do this properly to avoid any confusion or hurt feelings. This guide is relevant to anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad and regularly uses the Messages app for group texting. Let’s dive into the specifics so you can manage your group texts like a pro.

How to Remove Someone from a Group Text: iPhone & iPad

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s briefly talk about what we’re about to do. The following steps will guide you through the process of removing someone from a group text on your iPhone or iPad. This is helpful for maintaining privacy, keeping conversations relevant, and managing your social interactions more efficiently.

Step 1: Open the Messages app

Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad and select the group text you want to manage.

This is your starting point. Make sure that you’re in the right group conversation before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Tap on the group icons

At the top of the screen, you’ll see the group icons. Tap on these to access the group details.

This will bring up the names of all the people in the group text and a few other options.

Step 3: Hit the “info” button

After tapping the group icons, you’ll see an “info” button. Tap on it to proceed.

The “info” screen provides a lot of details about the group text, including options for adding or removing participants.

Step 4: Swipe left on the name

Find the name of the person you want to remove from the group text. Swipe left on their name to reveal the “remove” option.

If you accidentally swipe the wrong person, just tap outside of their name to reset it.

Step 5: Tap “remove”

After swiping left on the person’s name, a red “remove” button will appear. Tap it to remove the person from the group text.

Once you tap “remove”, that person will be taken out of the group text immediately.


Maintains privacyRemoving someone when their participation is no longer required helps to keep the conversation private and secure.
Keeps conversations relevantWhen a person’s input isn’t needed, removing them keeps the group text focused and on-topic.
Manages social interactionsIt allows you to control your social circles and interactions more efficiently.


Possible hurt feelingsThe person removed from the group text may feel excluded or offended if not informed beforehand.
Irreversible actionOnce removed, adding the person back to the group text requires sending a new invitation to join.
Limited to iMessageThis process only works for iMessage group texts and not SMS/MMS group messages.

Additional Information

When it comes to managing group texts on your iPhone or iPad, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, the option to remove someone from a group text is only available if all members of the group are using iMessage. If even one person is using SMS or MMS (indicated by green message bubbles), the “remove” option will not be available.

Another point to consider is the size of the group. You can only remove people from a group text if there are at least three other members besides yourself. If you try to remove someone, and it’s just you and one other person left, the Messages app will not allow it.

Remember to be considerate when removing someone from a group text. It’s best to talk to the person beforehand to explain why they are being removed, to avoid any potential misunderstandings or hurt feelings. And don’t forget, removing someone from a group text does not delete any of the messages from their device; it simply stops them from receiving new messages going forward.


  1. Open the Messages app
  2. Tap on the group icons
  3. Hit the “info” button
  4. Swipe left on the name
  5. Tap “remove”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the person I remove see that I removed them?

No, they will not receive a notification that they have been removed, but they will no longer get messages from the group.

What if the “remove” option isn’t appearing?

Make sure all members are using iMessage and that the group has more than three people. If not, you won’t be able to remove someone.

Will removing someone delete the messages from their phone?

No, it only prevents them from receiving future messages in the group text.

Can I remove multiple people at once?

No, you must remove each person individually following the same steps.

Can I add someone back after removing them?

Yes, but you will need to send them a new invitation to join the group text.


Removing someone from a group text on your iPhone or iPad is a handy skill to have, whether you’re tidying up your social circles or keeping conversations relevant. Always remember to be considerate when removing someone to avoid any unnecessary drama.

With this guide, you’ll be able to manage your group texts like a seasoned veteran. So go ahead, take control of your group conversations and communicate with confidence!