How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update: Easy Solutions

To fix an iPhone stuck on preparing update, you’ll need to restart your device, check your network settings, and possibly reset your settings or use iTunes to update your phone. After completing these steps, your iPhone should be able to complete the update process without any issues.

After completing the action, your iPhone should proceed with the update installation, and you’ll be able to enjoy the new features and improvements that come with the latest iOS version.


Picture this: you’re excited about the latest iOS update, and you’ve been waiting impatiently to get your hands on those new features. You go to Settings, hit the update button, and… your iPhone gets stuck on “preparing update.” Frustrating, right? Well, believe it or not, this is a common issue that many iPhone users encounter. But don’t worry, it’s typically an easy fix.

This topic is crucial because keeping your iPhone updated is essential for security, performance, and accessing the latest features. Moreover, a stuck update can render your device unusable for a period, which is inconvenient, to say the least. Whether you’re a tech newbie or a seasoned gadget guru, this issue can affect anyone. So, let’s dive into how you can get your iPhone up and running again with the latest iOS.

Step by Step Tutorial to Fix iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update

The following steps will guide you through troubleshooting and fixing an iPhone that’s stuck on the “preparing update” phase. These tried-and-true methods will help you get your phone back to normal.

Step 1: Force Restart Your iPhone

Press and hold the power button and volume button until the slider appears, then slide to power off.

A force restart can sometimes kickstart a stuck update process. It’s like giving your iPhone a quick jolt to wake it up from its slumber. This step is harmless and won’t erase any data on your device.

Step 2: Check Your Network Settings

Ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is stable and that your iPhone is not in Airplane Mode.

A stable internet connection is key to a successful update. If your Wi-Fi is spotty, your iPhone may struggle to download the update files, causing it to get stuck.

Step 3: Free Up Storage Space

Check your iPhone’s storage to ensure you have enough space for the update, and free up space if necessary.

Lack of storage is a common culprit for update issues. Your iPhone needs enough room to download and install the update, so clearing out unnecessary files could resolve the problem.

Step 4: Delete the Update and Redownload It

Go to iPhone Storage in Settings, find the update, delete it, and then go back to Software Update to download it again.

Sometimes the update file can become corrupted during download. Deleting and redownloading it ensures you have a fresh file that’s (hopefully) error-free.

Step 5: Reset Network Settings

Go to Settings, tap General, Reset, and then tap Reset Network Settings.

This step will clear your Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings. It’s a bit of a last resort before the more drastic measures, but it can often solve the issue.

Step 6: Update via iTunes

Connect your iPhone to a computer, open iTunes, select your device, and click ‘Check for Update.’

If all else fails, updating via iTunes is a reliable alternative. It bypasses some of the potential issues that can arise with an over-the-air update.


Resolves update issuesFollowing these steps can fix the update problem, allowing you to access the latest iOS features and security updates.
Maintains data integrityThese methods are safe, and you won’t lose any personal data during the process.
Enhances device performanceA successful update can improve your iPhone’s performance, speed, and usability.


Time-consumingTroubleshooting the issue can be a bit time-consuming, which might be inconvenient.
Possible data lossWhile rare, there’s a small chance of data loss if you have to resort to restoring your iPhone.
May require a computerIf you need to use iTunes to update, not having a computer handy can be a limitation.

Additional Information

In some cases, your iPhone might still be stuck on preparing update even after trying all the steps above. If that happens, don’t panic. There are a few other things you can try, like signing out of your iCloud account and signing back in, or even contacting Apple Support for professional help.

Remember to always back up your iPhone before doing any major troubleshooting. This ensures that, no matter what happens, your data will be safe. Also, try to keep your iPhone updated regularly to avoid running into issues like this one. Regular updates can prevent a lot of headaches down the line.

Lastly, be patient. Sometimes the update process can take longer than expected, especially if it’s a major update or if Apple’s servers are experiencing high traffic. Give it some time before taking any drastic measures.


  1. Force restart your iPhone.
  2. Check your network settings.
  3. Free up storage space.
  4. Delete the update and redownload it.
  5. Reset network settings.
  6. Update via iTunes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “preparing update” mean on my iPhone?

It means that your iPhone is getting ready to install a new iOS update. This involves downloading the update files and getting them ready for installation.

Can I use my iPhone while it’s preparing an update?

It’s best to leave your iPhone alone while it’s updating. Using it can slow down the process and potentially cause issues.

How long should my iPhone be stuck on preparing update before I worry?

It depends on the size of the update and your internet speed. However, if it’s been more than an hour, you might want to start troubleshooting.

Will I lose my data if I force restart my iPhone?

No, a force restart doesn’t erase any of your data or settings. It’s a safe way to try and fix the issue.

What if none of these steps work?

If your iPhone is still stuck, it might be time to contact Apple Support for assistance. They can provide more advanced solutions.


Having your iPhone stuck on preparing update can be quite a headache, but with the right steps, you can often resolve the issue on your own. From force restarting your device to updating via iTunes, there are multiple ways to coax your iPhone back to normal.

Remember to always back up your data before attempting any fixes, and if all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Apple Support for help. Keep your iPhone updated, and you’ll minimize the chances of running into this problem in the future. Happy updating!