How to Read eBooks from PC on iPad with Calibre: A Step-by-Step Guide

Reading eBooks on your iPad is a breeze with the help of Calibre, a free and open-source e-book management software. Simply install Calibre on your PC, add books to the Calibre library, and then use the Calibre Content Server to access your books from your iPad’s browser. That’s it – no wires, no hassle!

After completing this process, you’ll have the freedom to read your eBooks from your PC on your iPad wherever you go, as long as you have an internet connection.


With technology at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that eBooks have become a popular choice for readers around the globe. The convenience of having a whole library in your pocket is simply unbeatable. But what if you’ve got a whole collection of eBooks on your PC and you want to read them on your iPad? That’s where Calibre comes in. Calibre is a powerful tool that makes managing your eBook collection easy and allows you to read your eBooks on just about any device.

Why is this important? Well, think about the flexibility you’ll have! You could start reading on your PC and then switch to your iPad when you’re on the go. This capability is particularly relevant for students, professionals, and avid readers who want constant access to their reading material. So, let’s dive into the process and get those books from your PC to your iPad.

Step by Step Tutorial: Read eBooks from PC on iPad with Calibre

Before we start, make sure you have Calibre installed on your PC. If you don’t, head over to Calibre’s official website and download it for free.

Step 1: Add eBooks to Calibre Library

Add your eBooks to the Calibre library by dragging and dropping the files into the Calibre window or by using the ‘Add books’ button.

Adding books to your Calibre library is your first step to organizing your eBook collection. You can add books of various formats, and Calibre will even allow you to convert them to different formats if needed. This feature is particularly useful if your eBooks are not initially in a format that’s compatible with your iPad.

Step 2: Start the Calibre Content Server

Use the ‘Connect/share’ button in Calibre to start the Calibre Content Server.

The Calibre Content Server is a nifty feature that allows you to access your Calibre library from any device with a web browser. This means you can open your eBooks on your iPad without needing any specific app. It’s like having your personal eBook cloud accessible anytime, anywhere.

Step 3: Access from iPad

Open the web browser on your iPad and enter the IP address and port number provided by Calibre to access your library.

Once you’ve entered the correct address, you’ll see your Calibre library displayed on your iPad’s browser. You can browse through your collection and read any book you want. Remember that you need to be connected to the same network as your PC for this to work.


ConvenienceWith Calibre, you can effortlessly switch between reading on your PC and iPad, making your eBook collection portable and accessible on your preferred device.
No Additional CostsCalibre is free to use, which means you don’t have to spend extra money on eBook management software or apps to read your books from your PC on your iPad.
No Internet Required for ReadingOnce you’ve accessed your library and opened a book, you don’t need an active internet connection to continue reading, which is perfect for on-the-go reading.


PC Must Be OnYour PC needs to remain on with Calibre running to access your eBooks, which could be inconvenient and use additional power.
Same Network RequirementYou must be on the same network as your PC to access the Calibre Content Server, limiting your access when away from home or work.
Initial SetupThe initial setup process may be a bit complex for non-technical users, potentially creating a barrier to entry for those unfamiliar with network configurations.

Additional Information

When using Calibre to read eBooks from your PC on your iPad, the customization options are endless. You can sort your books, add custom cover art, and even edit metadata to ensure your collection is precisely how you want it. Moreover, Calibre automatically updates to include new features and compatibility with the latest devices, so you’re never left behind tech-wise.

Remember to keep your Calibre updated for the best experience. If you’re an avid reader who likes to annotate or highlight, consider using compatible reader apps on your iPad that can open books from the Calibre Content Server. This way, you can enjoy an enhanced reading experience with all the perks of digital reading!


  1. Install Calibre on your PC.
  2. Add eBooks to your Calibre library.
  3. Start the Calibre Content Server.
  4. Access your library from your iPad’s browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer books from Calibre to my iPad without Wi-Fi?

No, you need to be connected to the same network as your PC to access the Calibre Content Server and read your eBooks on your iPad.

Do I need to keep my PC on all the time to read eBooks on my iPad?

Yes, your PC must be on, and Calibre must be running to access your eBooks through the Calibre Content Server.

Can I read any eBook format on my iPad using Calibre?

Calibre supports a wide range of eBook formats, and it also has the capability to convert eBooks into different formats for compatibility.

Is Calibre safe to use?

Yes, Calibre is safe and open-source, which means it’s regularly updated and maintained by a community of developers.

Can I use Calibre with devices other than an iPad?

Absolutely! Calibre’s Content Server is accessible from any device with a web browser, so you can read your eBooks on smartphones, tablets, and even other PCs.


Reading eBooks from your PC on your iPad with Calibre is not only convenient but also incredibly easy once you get the hang of it. The ability to switch from PC to iPad and back again without missing a beat is a game-changer for those who love to read without restrictions. Plus, the cost-saving aspect of a free, versatile eBook management system like Calibre can’t be overstated.

Whether you’re a student needing your textbooks at your fingertips, a professional keeping up with the latest literature in your field, or an avid reader with an extensive digital library, Calibre provides a straightforward solution. Give it a try and transform your reading experience today!