How to Mention Someone in iMessage on iPhone and iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mentioning someone in an iMessage is as simple as typing their name as it appears in your contacts. Once their name is typed, it turns blue, indicating you can tap on it to directly mention them in the conversation. This action will send them a notification that they’ve been mentioned, even if they have muted the chat.

After you mention someone in iMessage, they will receive a direct alert for that particular message. This is especially useful in group chats where they might have muted notifications but still want to stay in the loop for certain discussions or topics mentioned by others.


Have you ever been in a long, bustling group chat on your iPhone or iPad and wanted to grab someone’s attention? Maybe you needed a quick response from a specific person, or you wanted to make sure they saw a particular message. That’s where the nifty ‘mention’ feature in iMessage comes into play. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that’s easy to overlook if you’re not familiar with it.

Mentions in iMessage work similarly to how they do on social media platforms, drawing a person’s attention to a message where their name appears. This feature is particularly handy in group chats, but it’s also useful in one-on-one conversations to make your messages stand out. Knowing how to mention someone can make your iMessage experience more engaging and ensure important messages don’t get lost in the shuffle. Whether you’re a seasoned iPhone user or new to the iOS family, mastering this feature will enhance your communication game. So, why is this topic important? Well, in a world where we’re all bombarded with endless notifications, being able to cut through the noise and reach someone directly is invaluable. Plus, it’s just plain cool. Let’s dive in and learn how to mention someone in iMessage!

How to Mention Someone in iMessage: A Step by Step Tutorial

Before we get into the steps, let’s clarify what this tutorial will help you achieve. By following the instructions, you’ll learn how to directly mention someone in an iMessage conversation. This means their name will be highlighted, and they’ll receive a notification even if they’ve muted the conversation.

Step 1: Open the iMessage conversation

Open the iMessage conversation where you want to mention someone.

Once you’re in the correct conversation, make sure you have your keyboard ready to type the message.

Step 2: Type the person’s name

Type the name of the person you want to mention exactly as it appears in your contacts.

As you begin typing, you’ll notice the name will turn blue, indicating that the phone recognizes it as a contact.

Step 3: Tap on the person’s name

Tap on the highlighted name to mention them in your message.

Once you tap on the name, a small ‘mention’ icon will appear next to it, confirming that you’ve successfully mentioned the person.

Step 4: Send your message

Send your message as you normally would after mentioning the person.

After sending, the mentioned person will receive a notification for that specific message, making it more likely for them to see and respond to your message promptly.


Direct NotificationWhen you mention someone in iMessage, they receive a direct notification, which is useful if they have muted the group chat but still want to be notified when directly addressed.
Clarity in ConversationMentions can help clarify who you are addressing in a group chat, especially when multiple conversations are happening simultaneously.
Engaging CommunicationUsing mentions can make conversations more engaging and personal, as it shows you’re directly interacting with someone.


Overuse Can Be AnnoyingIf overused, mentions can become annoying, especially if someone is getting too many direct notifications.
Limited to iMessage UsersThe mention feature is only available within iMessage, so it doesn’t work if the person you’re mentioning is not using an Apple device.
Potential for MisuseThere’s always a potential for misuse, as someone could spam mentions in a group chat, leading to unnecessary notifications for others.

Additional Information

When mentioning someone in iMessage, it’s crucial to be mindful of the context. While it’s a great way to make sure your message is seen, constant mentioning can become a nuisance. Think of it as a tap on the shoulder – it’s okay once in a while when necessary, but you wouldn’t want to be tapping someone incessantly. Also, keep in mind that not all conversations require mentions. Use this feature when you want to ensure someone sees a particular message, such as when making plans or sharing important information.

Additionally, you can customize how you receive mention notifications in Settings. You can choose to receive notifications for all mentions or only when you’re mentioned in muted conversations. This flexibility allows each user to tailor their iMessage experience to their preferences.

Remember to mention someone, their contact name in your phone must be typed correctly. If you have nicknames or emojis in their contact name, those will need to be included when mentioning them. It’s a small detail but crucial for the feature to work correctly.


  1. Open the iMessage conversation.
  2. Type the person’s name.
  3. Tap on the highlighted name.
  4. Send your message with the mention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mention someone in a one-on-one iMessage conversation?

Yes, you can mention someone even in a one-on-one conversation, although the practical utility of it may be less than in group chats.

Will the mentioned person get a notification if the chat is muted?

Yes, if you mention someone in a muted chat, they will still receive a direct notification for that message.

Can I mention multiple people in one message?

Sure, you can mention as many people as you want in a single message, just make sure to type their names correctly.

Does mentioning someone in iMessage work with third-party messaging apps?

No, the mention feature is exclusive to iMessage and does not work with third-party messaging apps.

What if I typed the name wrong?

If the name is typed incorrectly, it won’t turn blue, and the person won’t be mentioned. Make sure to type the name exactly as it appears in your contacts.


Mentioning someone in iMessage is a valuable feature to grasp for anyone using an iPhone or iPad. It streamlines communication, ensures important messages are noticed, and adds a personal touch to your conversations. Just remember to use this feature thoughtfully, as with any tool, it’s most effective when not overused.

Whether you’re coordinating with friends, family, or colleagues, mastering how to mention someone in iMessage will undoubtedly enhance your chatting experience. So go ahead, give it a try, and watch your iMessage interactions become more dynamic and attentive!