How to Delete a Viber Contact on iPhone or iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

To delete a Viber contact on an iPhone or iPad, you simply need to open your Viber application, select the contact you want to remove, and go through a few more taps to confirm the deletion. After completing this action, the contact will be removed from your Viber contact list and you will no longer see them or receive messages from them on the app.

After deleting a Viber contact, they will not be able to send you messages or call you through the app. However, if you have their phone number saved in your device’s contact list, they can still contact you through regular calls or SMS.


Viber – the popular communication app that lets you make free calls, send texts, photos, and video messages to other Viber users on any device, in any network and country! It’s a fantastic way to stay connected with friends and family without racking up a hefty phone bill. However, as we connect with more people, there might come a time when you need to declutter your Viber contact list. Perhaps you’re getting too many message alerts, you’ve had a falling out with someone, or you simply want to keep your contact list tight and relevant.

Whatever the reason, if you’re an iPhone or iPad user looking to clean up your Viber space, you’re in the right place. Deleting a contact on Viber can be a bit tricky if you’re not familiar with the process, but worry not, we’re here to walk you through it. It’s important to note that this will only remove the contact from your Viber list, not from your device’s contacts app.

How to Delete a Viber Contact on iPhone or iPad

Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s talk about what these steps will help you accomplish. By following this guide, you’ll be able to remove any unwanted contacts from your Viber list, which can help declutter your messaging app and make it easier to navigate.

Step 1: Open Viber and Tap on Contacts

Open the Viber app on your iPhone or iPad and select the “Contacts” tab at the bottom.

Opening the contacts tab will display your entire Viber contact list. From here, you can scroll or search to find the specific contact you want to delete.

Step 2: Select the Contact to be Deleted

Find and select the contact you wish to delete from your Viber contact list.

After tapping on the desired contact, their chat window or contact information will appear. You are now one step closer to removing them from your list.

Step 3: Tap on the Contact’s Info

In the upper-right corner of the contact’s chat window, tap on the contact’s name or the “i” icon to access their info.

Accessing the contact’s info will allow you to see more options, including the option to remove the contact from your Viber list.

Step 4: Choose “Edit” and then “Delete”

Once in the contact’s info screen, tap “Edit” in the top-right corner, then scroll down and select “Delete.”

Choosing “Edit” will allow you to make changes to the contact’s information or remove them completely from your Viber list.

Step 5: Confirm the Deletion

After tapping “Delete,” a confirmation popup will appear. Confirm the deletion by tapping “Delete” again.

Confirming the deletion is the final step in removing the contact. Once confirmed, they will no longer appear in your Viber contact list.


Decluttered Contact ListA streamlined Viber contact list makes it easier to navigate and find the people you want to talk to.
Reduced NotificationsFewer contacts mean fewer message alerts, which can be a relief if you were getting too many notifications.
Improved PrivacyDeleting contacts you no longer communicate with can enhance your privacy on the app.


Possible Communication IssuesIf you delete someone by mistake, it could lead to miscommunication or unintentional ghosting.
Permanent ActionOnce a contact is deleted, the action cannot be undone. You’ll need to add them back manually if you change your mind.
Not Device-WideDeleting a Viber contact does not remove their number from your device’s contacts app.

Additional Information

While the process of deleting a Viber contact on an iPhone or iPad is fairly straightforward, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, if you delete a contact from Viber, you are not blocking them. They can still call or message you through other means if they have your phone number. If you want to prevent them from contacting you entirely, you may need to block them or delete their number from your phone’s contact list as well.

Also, remember that once you delete a Viber contact, there’s no going back. If you decide you want to reconnect with that person, you’ll have to go through the process of adding them as a contact all over again. So, make sure you really want to delete them before you do so.

Finally, if you’re cleaning up your contact list, it might be a good time to review your privacy settings on Viber. Check who can see your online status, your profile photo, and your personal information. Adjusting these settings can give you an extra layer of privacy and peace of mind.


  1. Open Viber and tap on ‘Contacts’.
  2. Select the contact you want to delete.
  3. Tap on the contact’s info.
  4. Choose ‘Edit’, then ‘Delete’.
  5. Confirm the deletion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the deleted contact know I removed them from Viber?

No, the deleted contact will not receive any notification that you have removed them from your Viber contact list.

Can I recover a deleted Viber contact?

If you delete a contact from Viber, you cannot recover them. You will need to add them back manually if you want them in your list again.

Does deleting a Viber contact also delete them from my phone contacts?

No, deleting a contact from Viber does not remove them from your phone’s contact list.

What’s the difference between deleting and blocking a Viber contact?

Deleting a Viber contact removes them from your list, but they can still message or call you. Blocking a contact prevents them from communicating with you on Viber.

Can I delete multiple Viber contacts at once?

No, Viber does not currently have a feature to delete multiple contacts at once. You will need to remove them individually.


Deleting a Viber contact on your iPhone or iPad can help you maintain a tidy and manageable contact list, which is particularly important if you use Viber regularly. It’s a simple process that takes only a few taps, but remember, it’s irreversible, so double-check before you delete.

Whether you’re doing a digital clean-up or limiting who can reach you on the app, following the steps outlined in this guide will help you accomplish your goal smoothly and efficiently. Keep your Viber contact list curated to your current communication needs and enjoy a clutter-free chatting experience.