How to Print Gridlines in Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Printing gridlines in Google Sheets is a simple task. You just need to navigate to the ‘View’ menu and select the ‘Show’ option, followed by ‘Gridlines’. This will instantly display the gridlines on your worksheet, making it easier to distinguish between cells and manage data.

After completing this action, your Google Sheets document will display light grey lines that separate each cell, giving it a traditional spreadsheet appearance.


Have you ever felt lost while trying to make sense of a massive pile of data in Google Sheets, especially when the cells start to blend together? Well, fret not, as printing gridlines can be a real game-charger. Gridlines in Google Sheets are those faint lines that run around the cells to form a grid, making it easier to read and organize information. This feature comes in handy when you’re dealing with lots of data and need to keep things neat and tidy.

But why is this important, you may ask? Well, if you’ve ever tried to analyze or present data without gridlines, you know it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Gridlines add structure to your data, providing visual cues that help guide your eyes as you move from one piece of information to the next. Whether you’re a student, a business analyst, or just someone who appreciates organized data, knowing how to print gridlines in Google Sheets is a useful skill to have in your arsenal. So let’s get to it and learn how to make your data pop with clarity and precision.

Step by Step Tutorial: Printing Gridlines in Google Sheets

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re about to achieve. By following these instructions, you’ll be able to make gridlines appear on your Google Sheets document, which will remain visible even when you print the document.

Step 1: Open Your Google Sheets Document

Begin by accessing your Google Sheets document.

When opening your Google Sheets document, make sure you’re logged into the correct Google account if you have multiple ones. This will save you time if you have specific documents linked to specific accounts.

Step 2: Navigate to the View Menu

Once your document is open, go to the ‘View’ menu located in the top toolbar.

The ‘View’ menu is where you’ll find various options to alter the appearance of your spreadsheet. It’s like the control room for how your data is presented.

Step 3: Select ‘Show’ Option

In the ‘View’ menu, hover over the ‘Show’ option to reveal a submenu.

The ‘Show’ option houses features that toggle the visibility of different elements in your sheet, gridlines being one of them.

Step 4: Click on ‘Gridlines’

From the submenu, click on ‘Gridlines’ to make them visible.

Once you click ‘Gridlines’, you should see immediate changes in your document. The cells will be outlined by faint lines, providing a clear distinction between each one.


Enhanced ReadabilityWhen you print gridlines in Google Sheets, you improve the readability of your document. This is because the gridlines act as guides that lead the reader’s eyes from one data point to the next without getting lost.
Professional AppearanceDocuments with printed gridlines look more professional and organized. This is crucial when presenting data to clients or colleagues, as it reflects attention to detail and a level of sophistication in your work.
Ease of Data ManagementWith gridlines, managing and editing data becomes a breeze. They help you to quickly locate and reference cells, which is particularly useful when dealing with extensive datasets.


May Clutter Simple SheetsIf your Google Sheets document contains minimal data, printing gridlines might make it look cluttered. Sometimes, the absence of gridlines can result in a cleaner and more minimalist aesthetic.
Printed Gridlines Are Not CustomizableUnlike borders that you can customize in terms of color and style, gridlines are standard. You cannot change how they look when printed, which means you’re stuck with the default appearance.
Potential Printing IssuesDepending on your printer settings and quality, printed gridlines may not always come out as expected. They could be too faint or too bold, which could affect the overall presentation of your printed document.

Additional Information

Now that you’ve learned how to print gridlines in Google Sheets, let’s talk about some additional insights to elevate your spreadsheet game. For instance, did you know that you can also add borders to your cells? This can add another layer of organization and visual appeal to your sheets.

Moreover, while gridlines are great, sometimes you might want to print your document without them, especially if you’re going for a clean design. In such cases, simply uncheck the ‘Gridlines’ option by following the same steps mentioned earlier, but this time clicking it to remove the checkmark.

A pro tip: always preview your document before printing. This way, you can make sure that the gridlines are appearing as they should and that no part of your data is cut off. It’s all about making sure your data looks as sharp on paper as it does on your screen.


  1. Open your Google Sheets document.
  2. Navigate to the ‘View’ menu.
  3. Select the ‘Show’ option.
  4. Click on ‘Gridlines’ to print them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the color of the gridlines?

No, the color of the gridlines in Google Sheets is not customizable. They will always print in a light grey color.

Will the gridlines appear on every page if I print a multi-page document?

Yes, if you enable gridlines, they will appear on every page of your printed document.

What if I only want to print gridlines for a specific area of my sheet?

If you want to print gridlines for a specific area, you can set print ranges in the ‘Print’ settings and only the gridlines within those ranges will be printed.

Can I toggle off the gridlines after printing?

Yes, you can easily toggle off the gridlines by unchecking them in the ‘View’ menu after printing.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to print gridlines in Google Sheets?

No, there is no specific keyboard shortcut to print gridlines. You must do it manually through the ‘View’ menu.


Printing gridlines in Google Sheets is an essential function for anyone who works with data. It’s a simple action that can dramatically improve the readability and professionalism of your documents.

Remember, data isn’t just about numbers; it’s about presenting those numbers in a way that makes sense and tells a story. Gridlines help you do just that. So next time you’re getting lost in a sea of data, just remember, a few clicks can bring order to the chaos. Happy spreadsheeting!