Mickey Mouse Apple Watch Face: How to Get It on Your Device

To get the Mickey Mouse Apple Watch face, you open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap the ‘Face Gallery’ icon at the bottom, scroll down to find the ‘Mickey Mouse’ or ‘Minnie Mouse’ watch face, and tap ‘Add’. Once you have added it, you can customize it to your preference and set it as your current watch face.

After completing the action, you’ll have a fun and classic Disney character right on your wrist, telling you the time with a tap!


Have you ever wanted to add a touch of Disney magic to your everyday life? Well, with the Mickey Mouse Apple Watch face, you can do just that! This watch face, featuring either Mickey or Minnie Mouse, isn’t just a delightful nod to the beloved characters; it’s also a fun way to check the time. Apple Watch users can easily download and customize this iconic face to add some personality to their wearable tech.

But why is this topic important, and who might it be relevant to? For starters, the Mickey Mouse watch face is perfect for Disney fans of all ages. It’s also a great conversation starter and can bring a smile to your face every time you glance at your watch. Plus, it’s a way for Apple Watch owners to personalize their device and make it feel more ‘theirs’. Whether you’re young or old, a die-hard Disney fan, or just looking for a quirky watch face, learning how to get the Mickey Mouse Apple Watch face is definitely worth your time.

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Step by Step Tutorial on How to Get the Mickey Mouse Apple Watch Face

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re going to achieve. We’ll walk through the process of selecting the Mickey Mouse watch face from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and setting it up on your Apple Watch. It’s a simple process that will bring the classic charm of Disney right to your wrist.

Step 1: Open the Watch app on your iPhone

Tap the Watch app on your iPhone to begin the process.
The Watch app is your gateway to customizing your Apple Watch. Once you’ve opened the app, you’re just a few taps away from Mickey or Minnie telling you the time.

Step 2: Tap ‘Face Gallery’

Select the ‘Face Gallery’ icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen.
The ‘Face Gallery’ is where Apple showcases all the available watch faces. It’s like a catalog of styles and features you can choose from to personalize your Apple Watch experience.

Step 3: Scroll to find ‘Mickey Mouse’ or ‘Minnie Mouse’

Swipe through the available watch faces until you find the ‘Mickey Mouse’ or ‘Minnie Mouse’ option.
The Mickey and Minnie watch faces are typically found under the ‘Disney’ section of the Face Gallery. You can’t miss them—they’re the ones with the iconic ears!

Step 4: Tap ‘Add’

Once you’ve found your desired character, tap ‘Add’ to install the watch face on your Apple Watch.
After tapping ‘Add’, the watch face will appear on your Apple Watch. You can now enjoy the timeless charm of Mickey or Minnie every time you raise your wrist.


PersonalizationHaving the Mickey Mouse watch face allows you to express your personality and style. It’s a fun way to make your Apple Watch truly yours.
NostalgiaFor many, Mickey Mouse is a symbol of childhood and happy memories. Having this watch face can be a comforting and delightful reminder of simpler times.
AccessibilityThe Mickey Mouse watch face is not only visually appealing but also speaks the time when tapped, making it useful for people with visual impairments.


Limited CustomizationWhile you can change the color of the Mickey Mouse watch face, there aren’t as many customization options as other watch faces.
Not for EveryoneThe design is clearly Disney-themed, which might not appeal to everyone’s taste or be appropriate for all settings.
Possible DistractionThe animated character could be a distraction, especially for children or during formal occasions.

Additional Information

Aside from the classic charm and nostalgia that the Mickey Mouse Apple Watch face brings, there are a few additional things to note. First, if you have an Apple Watch Series 4 or later, you can also use the Minnie Mouse watch face, which includes a variety of outfits that change with the seasons. That’s right, Minnie gets a wardrobe update!

Moreover, both watch faces are interactive. A tap on the screen will prompt Mickey or Minnie to speak the time out loud in their iconic voices. It’s a delightful feature for Disney fans and can be handy in situations where looking at your watch isn’t feasible.

Lastly, remaining battery life and your active calendar events can also be displayed on the face, depending on your settings. Combining fun with function, the Mickey Mouse Apple Watch face is more than just a pretty face; it’s a useful tool that keeps you on track throughout the day.


  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap ‘Face Gallery’.
  3. Scroll to find ‘Mickey Mouse’ or ‘Minnie Mouse’.
  4. Tap ‘Add’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the Mickey Mouse watch face on any Apple Watch?

Yes, the Mickey Mouse watch face is available on all Apple Watch models.

Does the Mickey Mouse watch face cost anything?

No, the Mickey Mouse watch face is free to use for all Apple Watch owners.

Can I customize the Mickey Mouse watch face?

Yes, you can change the color and add complications (widgets) to the Mickey Mouse watch face.

Will Mickey or Minnie speak the time in my language?

Mickey and Minnie will speak the time in several languages, but availability may depend on your watch’s settings.

Is the Mickey Mouse watch face suitable for all occasions?

While it’s a fun watch face, it might not fit formal settings or appeal to everyone’s taste.


In conclusion, getting the Mickey Mouse Apple Watch face is a simple way to infuse some Disney magic into your daily routine. Whether you’re a Disney aficionado or just looking for a quirky and interactive watch face, Mickey and Minnie are there to add some whimsy to your timekeeping. With a few taps on your iPhone, you can have the iconic characters on your wrist, ready to keep you punctual and smiling throughout your day.

Just remember, while the Mickey Mouse watch face is sure to be a hit with many, it’s the personalized nature of the Apple Watch that makes it truly special. So go ahead, give your watch a touch of Disney—it’s as easy as saying “Oh boy!”