How to Set Up Face ID on iPhone 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up Face ID on your iPhone 11 is a simple process that involves going into your settings, enrolling your face with the TrueDepth camera, and adjusting your preferences. Once set up, Face ID allows you to unlock your device, authenticate purchases, and sign in to apps with just a glance.

After setting up Face ID, you can effortlessly unlock your iPhone 11 just by looking at it, making your device more secure and convenient to use.


Face ID is the facial recognition system designed by Apple for its iPhone and iPad Pro lineups, starting from the iPhone X. It’s a sophisticated and secure way to unlock your device, authorize payments, and sign in to apps. The technology uses a TrueDepth camera system, which projects and analyzes thousands of invisible dots to create a detailed depth map of your face.

As someone who values convenience and security, understanding how to set up Face ID on your iPhone 11 is crucial. It’s a feature that’s not only relevant to tech enthusiasts but to anyone who uses their phone for daily tasks and wants a quick and safe way to access their device. The iPhone 11, with its powerful A13 Bionic chip, offers a seamless experience when using Face ID, making it a game-changer in personal device security.

Step by Step Tutorial to Set Up Face ID

Before diving into the steps to set up Face ID on your iPhone 11, remember that this process will enhance your device’s security and make unlocking your phone a breeze.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone 11.
Navigating to the settings app is your gateway to customizing and managing your iPhone’s features, including security options like Face ID.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Face ID & Passcode’

In Settings, scroll down and tap on ‘Face ID & Passcode.’
This section allows you to manage your Face ID settings and other security features, like your passcode.

Step 3: Enter Your Passcode

When prompted, enter your passcode to access the Face ID settings.
Your passcode gives you access to the security settings of your phone, ensuring that only you can make changes to these important features.

Step 4: Set Up Face ID

Tap on ‘Set Up Face ID’ to begin the enrollment process.
This step will start the process of registering your facial features with your iPhone’s TrueDepth camera system for recognition.

Step 5: Position Your Face

Follow the on-screen instructions to position your face within the frame.
Make sure to have your face centered in the camera’s view and to be in a well-lit area for the best results.

Step 6: Complete the First Scan

Move your head slowly to complete the circle, then tap ‘Continue.’
The first scan captures a detailed map of your face from various angles, ensuring accurate recognition.

Step 7: Complete the Second Scan

Repeat the head movement to complete a second scan of your face.
A second scan provides additional data to improve the accuracy and reliability of Face ID.

Step 8: Face ID Set Up Complete

Tap ‘Done’ once your Face ID has been successfully set up.
With Face ID now set up, your iPhone 11 can recognize your face quickly and accurately, providing a secure and convenient way to access your device.


Enhanced SecurityFace ID uses advanced technology to ensure that only you can access your iPhone, making it more secure than a simple passcode.
Convenient AccessWith Face ID, unlocking your phone is as easy as glancing at it, which means no more fumbling to enter a passcode.
Secure AuthenticationFace ID provides a secure way to authorize purchases and sign in to apps without having to remember multiple passwords.


Requires Direct AttentionFace ID needs your direct attention to work, which can be a limitation if you’re not looking directly at your phone.
Not Always PerfectThere are occasions where Face ID may not recognize your face, such as if you’re wearing sunglasses or a face covering.
Potential Privacy ConcernsSome users may have concerns about the privacy implications of facial recognition technology.

Additional Information

When setting up Face ID, make sure you’re in a location with sufficient light as it helps the TrueDepth camera to accurately capture your facial features. Also, ensure that you don’t have anything covering your face, such as a scarf or sunglasses, as it could impede the camera’s ability to create a detailed map of your face. It’s worth noting that Face ID adapts to changes in your appearance over time, so it will still recognize you if you grow a beard or wear makeup.

However, if you undergo significant changes, like surgery, you may need to re-enroll your face. Face ID on iPhone 11 also allows for an alternative appearance to be set up, which is useful if your facial appearance changes drastically under different circumstances.


  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on ‘Face ID & Passcode’
  3. Enter your passcode
  4. Tap on ‘Set Up Face ID’
  5. Position your face within the frame
  6. Complete the first scan
  7. Complete the second scan
  8. Tap ‘Done’

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Face ID be used by more than one person?

No, Face ID is designed to recognize a single person’s face. However, you can set up an alternative appearance.

What if Face ID doesn’t recognize me?

Ensure your face is free from obstructions and that you’re facing the camera directly. If problems persist, you can reset Face ID in the settings.

How secure is Face ID?

Face ID uses sophisticated technology that can’t be fooled by photos or masks, making it highly secure.

Can I use Face ID with sunglasses?

Face ID may have difficulty recognizing you with some types of sunglasses that block infrared light.

Does Face ID work in the dark?

Yes, Face ID uses infrared technology, which allows it to work in low light conditions and even in complete darkness.


Setting up Face ID on your iPhone 11 is a smart move for anyone looking to boost their phone security while also enjoying the convenience of quick access. It might seem like just a fancy feature, but it’s a significant enhancement to your daily phone usage experience.

With the ease of a glance, you can unlock your device, authenticate transactions, and sign into apps without the hassle of typing in passcodes or passwords. The future of phone security is here, and with your iPhone 11, you’re right at the forefront. So why not take a moment to set up Face ID and step into that future with confidence?