How to Buy Kindle Books on the iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Buying Kindle books on your iPad is not as straightforward as purchasing them directly from the Kindle app, but it is still a pretty simple process. By using Amazon’s website via Safari or another web browser, you can buy books and have them instantly delivered to your Kindle app on the iPad. It’s a seamless process once you know the steps!

After you’ve completed the purchase on Amazon’s website, the book will automatically appear in your Kindle app library on the iPad. All you need to do is open the app, and you should see the newly purchased book ready to be downloaded and enjoyed.


When it comes to reading, there’s nothing quite like the convenience of having your entire library in the palm of your hand. That’s where e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle come into play, revolutionizing the way we consume books. However, if you’re an iPad user, you may have noticed that you can’t buy Kindle books directly from the Kindle app. But don’t worry, there’s a workaround that’s just as easy and just as fast.

Why is it important to know how to buy Kindle books on an iPad? Well, for starters, the iPad is a versatile device that many people use for work, play, and reading. Kindle users who also own an iPad may prefer the device’s larger screen for reading. Plus, Kindle often offers books at a lower price compared to iBooks, and they have a vast selection that often includes exclusive titles. Whether you’re a voracious reader or a casual one, learning how to purchase Kindle books on the iPad is a great skill to have in your digital arsenal. Let’s dive in and get you reading in no time!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Buy Kindle Books on the iPad

Before we get into the steps, it’s worth noting what these steps will achieve. By following them, you’ll be able to purchase Kindle books on your iPad without any hiccups. You’ll be using your web browser to access Amazon’s website, where you’ll then buy your books directly. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Open Your Web Browser

Open Safari or any other web browser on your iPad.

Using a web browser bypasses the restrictions that prevent in-app purchases within the Kindle app. This step is essential, as you cannot purchase books directly through the app due to Apple’s App Store rules, which require a 30% cut of any in-app sales – something Amazon avoids by directing users to their website.

Step 2: Go to Amazon’s Website

Navigate to Amazon’s Kindle books section.

Amazon’s Kindle books section is easy to find – just search for “Kindle books” in the Amazon search bar. This will take you directly to the Kindle book store, where you can browse and search for the titles you want.

Step 3: Sign in to Your Amazon Account

Log into your Amazon account if you’re not already signed in.

It’s essential to sign in so that any purchases you make will automatically sync with your Kindle library. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you’ll need to create one before proceeding.

Step 4: Find and Select the Book You Want to Purchase

Browse the selection or search for a specific title, then select it.

Whether you’re browsing Amazon’s vast selection or looking for a specific book, take your time to find a title that interests you. Once you’ve found it, simply click on it to go to the book’s page.

Step 5: Buy the Book

Click on the price button and confirm your purchase.

After clicking the price button, you’ll either see a “Buy now with 1-Click” option if you have 1-click ordering enabled, or you’ll be taken to a confirmation page where you can review your order before finalizing the purchase.


ConvenienceThe process of buying Kindle books on your iPad is convenient because you can do it anywhere, at any time. All you need is an internet connection and your device, and you can instantly expand your digital library.
SelectionKindle’s extensive library means you have access to a vast number of titles, often at lower prices than what you’d find in iBooks. Plus, Amazon frequently runs sales and offers deals that make e-reading an affordable hobby.
Cloud SyncingPurchases made via Amazon’s website sync across all your devices that have the Kindle app. This means you can start reading on your iPad and pick up where you left off on your phone or Kindle reader seamlessly.


Extra StepsUnlike buying directly through an app, purchasing Kindle books on the iPad requires extra steps, such as using a web browser and navigating to Amazon’s site.
App Store PoliciesApple’s App Store policies prevent in-app book purchases through the Kindle app, which can be a hurdle for users who are accustomed to the immediacy of in-app purchases.
No Apple BenefitsWhen you purchase books through Amazon rather than iBooks, you miss out on any benefits Apple may offer, such as integration with the Apple ecosystem and potential discounts.

Additional Information

When buying Kindle books on your iPad, there are a few more things to keep in mind. First, make sure your Kindle app is updated to the latest version to ensure the best compatibility with your purchases. Secondly, consider using Amazon’s “Send a free sample” feature before buying a book. This lets you read the first few chapters to see if you like it before committing to a purchase.

Another tip is to keep an eye out for Amazon’s Daily Deals and Monthly Deals, which can offer significant discounts on popular titles. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, don’t forget that you have access to a rotating selection of free books each month through the Kindle First and Prime Reading programs.

Lastly, when purchasing a Kindle book, you have the option to deliver it to a specific device. If you have multiple devices with the Kindle app, make sure to select your iPad to have the book sent there directly.


  1. Open your web browser on the iPad.
  2. Navigate to Amazon’s website.
  3. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  4. Find and select the Kindle book you want to purchase.
  5. Click the price button and confirm your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read Kindle books on my iPad without the Kindle app?

No, you need the Kindle app installed on your iPad to read Kindle books. Thankfully, the app is free and available in the App Store.

What if the Kindle book I want isn’t available on Amazon?

If a Kindle book isn’t available, you may need to check back later or look for alternative titles. Availability can change, and new books are added regularly.

Can I buy Kindle books on my iPad outside of the United States?

Yes, you can purchase Kindle books from Amazon’s website on your iPad in most countries where Amazon operates.

How do I know if a Kindle book will work on my iPad?

Most Kindle books are compatible with the Kindle app on the iPad. However, if you’re unsure, check the product details on the book’s page on Amazon, which will list compatible devices.

Can I return a Kindle book if I don’t like it?

Amazon has a return policy for Kindle books, usually allowing returns within a certain period after purchase. Check Amazon’s return policy for specific details.


Buying Kindle books on your iPad might seem like a bit of a detour, but it’s a simple and effective way to enjoy a world of literature at your fingertips. With a vast selection, competitive pricing, and the convenience of cloud syncing, it’s no wonder e-reading has become so popular.

Just remember to use a web browser, navigate to Amazon’s website, sign in to your account, select your book, and confirm your purchase. With these steps, your digital bookshelf can rival any physical one, and the best part? No dusting required. So grab your iPad, and let your literary adventure begin!